Gérard Grizbec
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Gérard Grizbec

Gérard Grizbec is a journalist and an associate research fellow at IRIS (The French Institute for International and Strategic Affairs), in charge of classes for the IRIS Sup’ on fake news and the geopolitics of religions.


He began as a history professor and then became a journalist for the foreign politics service of the RFI (Radio France Internationale), then RMC (Radio Monte Carlo), and finally for the French television channel France 2. As an international reporter and department head, and in charge of defence affairs in Paris, Gérard Grizbec was a correspondent for France 2 in Italy and the Vatican, and then in Africa.


He also was a professor at the French Press Institute (IFP).


He also produced many documentaries on the Arabic world, which allowed him to write two collaborative books on the Middle-East.