François-Bernard Huyghe
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Directeur de recherche à l'IRIS

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François-Bernard Huyghe
François-Bernard Huyghe holds a PHD in Political Sciences, and a French « Habilitation à diriger des recherches » (which entitles to direct PHD research) in Information and Communication Sciences. He is a consultant and fellow senior researcher at IRIS (Institut de Recherches Internationales et Stratégiques) and teaches in several Universities (including on the virtual campus of Limoges for to e-learning). After several years devoted to TV film making and as international civil servant for Unesco (at the Cultural Heritage Department, then later for te « Silk Roads » project) he wrote critical essays on contemporaries ideas (« Soft-idéology », » Softspeak », « Experts or how to Get Wrong »). With his wife Edith, he also published on the history of communications ( « Silk Roads », « Spice Roads », « Imago Mundi », « A Story of Secrecies », « Rug Roads »..). As a researcher in mediology and as specialist on media studies, he is member of the publishing comitee of « Cahiers de médiologie » and « Medium ». Also several of his works deal with the relationship between information and conlict : « Ennemy at the digial era », the e-boook « Screeen and Foe », World War Four »..
His website ( reflects his research in the field of communication and conflict, influence and corporate intelligence.