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What national networks to fight against match-fixing? Program conclusions presented in Brussels

10 juin 2014


Today, IRIS presented in Brussels the conclusions of its European program « What national networks to fight against match-fixing? ». This program was sponsored by the European Commission, co-financed by the European State Lotteries and Toto Association, and conducted in partnership with Sportaccord, ENGSO, Sport & Citizenship and the University of Salford.

Since June 2013, 21 national seminars have been organized throughout the European Union with the significant support of the national lotteries, gathering close to 900 representatives of national stakeholders concerned by the fight against match-fixing: sports authorities, law-enforcement and the betting sector. For each of these one-day events a synthesis has been published, which provides detailed information on the existing measures in each country, summarizes the discussions, proposes recommendations and includes a detailed list of participants.

The success of the IRIS program comes from 3 specificities that were complementary to existing initiatives. First, it focused on the mobilization at national level, which is the first step in the fight against sports corruption. Second, it included all major sports federations, considering the fact that no discipline is immune from this threat. Third, all national stakeholders, and in particular law-enforcement and the betting sector, participated to the discussions. In many countries concerned authorities met for the first time on this subject, and some seminars triggered instant cross-sector mobilization.

All information on this program, each national synthesis, can be downloaded from the IRIS website.

The IRIS team remains at your disposal for any related question.

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