The (R)evolution of Defence Innovation Models: Rationales and Consequences

By Prof. Dr. Valérie Merindol, Professor of Innovation, and Prof. Dr. David W. Versailles, Professor of Strategic Management and Innovation Studies, Paris School of Business

This Policy Paper investigates recent evolutions in Defence-related innovation management, and its reorganisation towards joint efforts operating user-centric innovation and open innovation rationales in parallel to more traditional perspectives framed by the (top-down) management of technologies.

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Covid-19 and the EDTIB: Impact and Policy Responses

By Dick Zandee (Clingendael Institute) for Netherlands, Alessandro Marrone (IAI) for Italy, Torben Schütz (DGAP) for Germany, Félix Arteaga (Real Instituto Elcano) for Spain, Sophia Becker (DGAP) for the US, Jean-Pierre Maulny (IRIS) for France – May/June 2020

ARES Group is launching a new series of comments dedicated to the impact of Covid-19 on the EDTIB and to the first measures taken by governments to help that industry. The scope of this series will probably be expanded to include non-European countries.

Covid-19 and the Dutch DTIBCovid-19 and the Italian DTIBCovid-19 and the German DTIBCovid-19 and the Spanish DTIBCovid-19 and the American DTIBCovid-19 and the French DTIBComparative Chart by CountriesMore about Ares Group

Armament and Transatlantic Relationships: National Perspectives

Ares Group publishes papers on armament and transatlantic relationships. They are written by Dick Zandee from the Clingendael Institute for the Netherlands, by Sylvie Matelly from IRIS for France, by Bastian Giegerich from IISS for Germany, by Margarita Šešelgytė from the Vilnius University for Baltic States, by Ester Sabatino from IAI for Italy, by Tania Latici from EPRS for Romania, and by Kristian Søby Kristensen and Niels Byrjalsen from the University of Copenhagen for Denmark.

#43 - The Dutch Perspective#44 - The French Perspective#45 - The German Perspective#47 - The Baltic States Perspective#50 - The Italian Pespective#51 - The Romanian Perspective#59 - The Danish PerspectiveMore about Ares Group

The World Climate and Security Report 2020

By the Expert Group of the International Military Council on Climate and Security (IMCCS), founded by the Center for Climate and Security, in partnership with IRIS, HCSS and Clingendael

While there has been progress over the past decades, with militaries and security institutions increasingly analyzing and incorporating climate change risks into their assessments, plans and policies, this report shows that the risks are increasingly urgent, and more must be done. This contributed to the report’s “Key Risks and Opportunities” findings.

ReportPress releaseMore about IMCCS

[Report] European Jihad: Future of the Past?

Project led by GLOBSEC in partnership with IRIS and other European partners

This final report is a two year advocacy and research project. It is based on an updated unique dataset of 326 European jihadis (from 2015, the peak year of European jihadism).

ReportMore about the Project

IRIS 17th in Ranking of International Think Tanks on Defence and National Security

The Global Go To Think Tanks 2019 is out! IRIS achieved a higher ranking compare to last year: 21th in the “Top think tanks in Western Europe” category (out of 1,523); 17th in the “Top Defence and National Security Think Tanks” category, 29th in the “Top think tanks on foreign policy and international affairs” category, 41st on « Best Conference » category (out of 8,248).

Press releaseGlobal Go-To Think Tanks 2019
    International Balances of Power and Globalisation
    Global Viruses and Goals
    > The trillion dollar question: When will this end? > The trillion euro question: What lessons will humanity learn? > The trillion yuan question: Which states will become the...
    Germany and nuclear sharing
    At a time when Germany has just bought American F-18s to ship NATO nuclear weapons, we thought it would be useful to publish this point of view of SPD...
    NATO is dead but Europe is sick
    Truth is sometimes unbearable to see. This is why Renaissance painters represented it under the allegory of a naked woman, decency requiring that one look the other way. Remember...
    Sport and International Relations
    Introduction to Grassroots Sport Diplomacy
    IRIS is partnering ISCA on this brand new project, co-funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ Programme. Its aim is to explore grassroots sport diplomacy. ISCA and IRIS...
    International Balances of Power and Globalisation
    Facebook’s Libra: The Subprime Gold Standard
    The planned introduction of Libra raises both the issue of the multiplication of cryptocurrencies, their stability, and the role of digital giants like Facebook in global economic affairs. How...
    International Balances of Power and Globalisation
    European Public Opinion Three Decades After the Fall of Communism
    James Bell is Vice President of Global Strategy at Pew Research Center. He answers our questions after the seminar « A United Europe ? Social Change and Democracy after 1989 »...
    Trump is no warmonger
    The direct or indirect responsibility of Iran in the recent attacks on Saudi oil infrastructures seems undeniable. Regardless, Trump brushed aside the possibility of a military intervention against the...
    the Mediterranean region
    A look upon Turkey’s Future Nuclear Weapons Policy
    On 4th September 2019, President Erdoğan announced that it was unacceptable for nuclear-armed states to forbid Ankara from obtaining its own nuclear weapons. With this statement, many questions sparked...
    Sport and International Relations
    Athlete Activism from Black Power in 1968 to Today’s Black Lives Matter
    Sport and International Relations
    Playing games in the Gulf: how GCC Nations use Sport to build power and position
    Sport and International Relations
    Football, Diplomacy and Identity Politics in the Middle East and North Africa
    Sport and International Relations
    Spain’s red flags: Media Representations of the Nation(s) following La Roja’s Victory in the 2010 World Cup
    Sport and International Relations
    Globalised Hoops: The NBA and International Relations
    Ares Group
    National Expectations regarding the European Defence Fund: The Greek Perspective
    Ares #61 - Comment
    The (R)evolution of Defence Innovation Models: Rationales and Consequences
    Ares #60 - Policy Paper
    Armament and Transatlantic Relationships: The Danish Perspective
    Ares #59 - Comment
    Comparative Chart of Measures developed by countries to support their DTIB in Covid-19 Time
    Comparative Chart
    Covid-19 and the American Defence Technological and Industrial Base: Impact and Policy Responses
    Ares #57 - Comment
    Covid-19 and the Spanish Defence Technological and Industrial Base: Impact and Policy Responses
    Ares #56 - Comment
    Covid-19 and the German Defence Technological and Industrial Base: Impact and Policy Responses
    Ares #55 - Comment
    Covid-19 and the Italian Defence Technological and Industrial Base: Impact and Policy Responses
    Ares #54 - Comment
    Covid-19 and the Dutch Defence Technological and Industrial Base: Impact and Policy Responses
    Ares #53 - Comment
    National Expectations regarding the European Defence Fund: The Finnish Perspective
    Ares #52 - Comment
    Armament and Transatlantic Relationships: the Romanian perspective
    Ares Group #51 - Comment
    Armament and Transatlantic Relationships: the Italian perspective
    Ares Group #50 - Comment
    National expectations regarding the European Defence Fund: The Danish Perspective
    Ares Group #49 - Comment
    European Defence should not be the Casualty of the ‘Great Lockdown’
    English VersionFrench VersionGerman Version
    Armament and Transatlantic Relationships: The Baltic States Perspective
    Ares Group #47 - Comment
    National expectations regarding the European Defence Fund: The Polish Perspective
    Ares Group #46 - Comment
    Armament and Transatlantic Relationships: The German Perspective
    Ares Group #45 - Comment
    Armament and Transatlantic Relationships: The Dutch Perspective
    Ares Group #43 - Comment
    National expectations regarding the European Defence Fund: The Italian Perspective
    Ares Group #42 - Comment
    National expectations regarding the European Defence Fund: The Swedish Perspective
    Ares Group #41 - Comment
    National expectations regarding the European Defence Fund: The Spanish Perspective
    Ares Group #40 - Comment
    PeSCo: The Swedish Perspective
    Ares Group #38 - Policy Paper
    PeSCo: The German Perspective
    Ares Group #36 - Policy Paper
    PeSCo: The Cyprus Perspective
    Ares Group #35 - Policy Paper
    PeSCo: The Greek Perspective
    Ares Group #34 - Policy Paper
    PeSCo: The Belgian Perspective
    Ares Group #33 - Policy Paper
    PeSCo: The Polish Perspective
    Ares #32 - Policy Paper
    Defence Industrial Policy in Serbia: Drivers and Influence
    Ares #31 - Policy Paper
    PeSCo: The Italian Perspective
    Ares #30 - Policy Paper
    PeSCo: The Lithuanian Perspective
    #29 - Policy Paper
    PeSCo: The Dutch Perspective
    #28 - Policy Paper
    PeSCo: The Spanish Perspective
    #27 - Policy Paper
    Building the EDTIB beyond 2020
    ARES Seminar Report
    Defence Industrial Policy in Norway: Drivers and Influence
    #25 - Policy Paper
    Defence industrial Policy in Finland. Drivers and Influence
    #23 - Policy Paper
    Defence and Industrial Policy in Poland
    #18 - Policy Paper
    Eu Regulatory Incentives for Armament Cooperation: Lessons from directive 2009/81/EC
    #17 - Comment
    Promoting European Defence Cooperation and the Promise of Financial Incentives
    #16 - Comment
    The Economics of European Defence: Some Additional Insights
    #15 - Comment
    Deploying Financial Tools in Support of European Defence Cooperation
    #14 - Comment
    Defence and Industrial Policy in Slovakia and the Czech Republic
    #12 - Policy Paper
    The Economics of European Defence
    #11 - Comment
    Technological Innovation, the US Third Offset Strategy and the Future Transatlantic Defense
    #9 - Policy PaperAbout #9 and #10 Ares Group's Policy Papers
    The Eu’s Security of Supply Agenda
    #6 - Comment
    A European Drone by 2025? The View from Spain on EUROMALE
    #3 - Comment
    A European Drone by 2025? The View from Italy on EUROMALE
    #2 - Comment
    A ‘Game Changer’? The EU’S Preparatory Action on Defence Research
    #1 - Policy Paper
    Armament Industry Research Group: Presentation
    Launching Paper
    Alice Baillat
    Associate Research Fellow
    Geopolitics of Climate Change - International Climate Negotiations - Bangladesh - South Asia
    Emmanuel Lincot
    Associate Research Fellow
    Political and Cultural History of Contemporary China - China / Middle East Relationships - China / Central Asia Relationships - China / France Relationships
    Sophie Bessis
    Associate Research Fellow
    The cooperation between the North and the South – Food problems – The Third World’s economy and its geopolitical future – African questions
    Carole Gomez
    Senior Research Fellow
    International Sport Issues - Sport Diplomacy - Sport Integrity
    Patrick Chevallereau
    Associate Research Fellow
    Defence policy – Transatlantic relationship – NATO – Franco-British cooperation – Brexit – European defence – United States’ policy and politics – Maritime strategy
    Emmanuel Hache
    Senior Fellow
    Natural Resources Economics – Energy issues and Development - Asia and NIC – International Monetary Affairs
    Pierre Jaillet
    Associate Research Fellow
    Economy and monetary policy - European institutions and the functioning of the euro zone - Monetary and financial international relations - International cooperation bodies and organisations
    Henry Zipper de Fabiani
    Associate Research Fellow
    Balkans - Central Asia
    Jean-Vincent Brisset
    Associate Research Fellow
    China and the Chinese world – Strategic questions in Asia – Defence and international relations – The military tool: means, operations, concepts – The military nuclear weapons – Military aeronautics – NBCR risk and civil protection
    Bastien Alex
    Senior Research Fellow
    Climate change – Energy issues – EU enlargment policy
    Eilidh Kennedy
    Associate Research Fellow
    Humanitarianism - Strategic Foresight
    Gaëtan Gorce
    Associate Research Fellow
    Contemporary issues faced by Europe (migratory flows, digital sovereignty...) - International employment laws
    Arnaud Dubien
    Associate Research Fellow
    Magali Chelpi-den Hamer
    Research Fellow
    International Aid (humanitarian, development, decentralized cooperation) - Armed conflicts in Sub-Saharan Africa - Reparations to victims - Ivory Coast
    Nathalie Ernoult
    Research Fellow
    Humanitarianism - Global Health
    Guillaume Long
    Associate Research Fellow
    Latin American politics, regionalism and security - Contemporary multilateralism
    Brahim Oumansour
    Associate Research Fellow
    US foreign policy in the Middle East and North Africa - Conflict, State and non-governmental players in North Africa and the Middle East
    Jacques Serba
    Associate Research Fellow
    Humanitarian action – Organisation and functioning of the NGOs – External action of the territorial authorities
    Pierrick Le Jeune
    Associate Research Fellow
    Asia, South-East Asia – Afghanistan – The reform of public administrations – Public services – NGOs
    Christophe Ventura
    Senior Research Fellow
    Latin America – Civil society and Social movements
    Rémi Bourgeot
    Associate Research Fellow
    Economics, Globalisation, Finance, Europe, Middle-East, Asia, Energy, Industry
    Frédéric Mauro
    Associate Research Fellow
    European Defence Policy - PeSCo
    Karim Émile Bitar
    Associate Research Fellow
    The Middle-East – The relations between islam and the Western world; politics and religion – The Franco-Arab relations and the Euro-Mediterranean stakes – The media in the Arab world, feminism and civil societies
    Jean-Jacques Kourliandsky
    Associate Research Fellow
    Central and Latin America – External and security policies of the Ibero-American area
    Éric Vernier
    Associate Research Fellow
    Money laundering – Business frauds – Sustainable development in the banking world
    Jean de Gliniasty
    Senior Research Fellow
    Russia - CIS - French Diplomacy
    David Weinberger
    Associate Research Fellow
    Illicit drugs trafficking and its geopolitics - Money laundering and the funding of terrorism - Tobacco smuggling
    Olivier de France
    Senior Research Fellow
    Strategic affairs – European security – EU member states’ foreign and defence policies – CSDP, CFSP – French defence policy – Crisis management – EU/Sub-Saharan Africa – Transantlantic security – Power and strategy
    Jeff Hawkins
    Associate Research Fellow
    US Foreign Policy
    Georges Lefeuvre
    Associate Research Fellow
    Afghanistan / Pakistan / India
    Pascal Boniface
    Director of IRIS
    Strategic issues – European security – Global power relationships – Nuclear issues – The French foreign policy
    Caroline Roussy
    Research Fellow
    West Africa – Regional Integration – Border issues – G5-Sahel
    Jean-Claude Allard
    Senior Research Fellow
    Defence and security policy – Operational concepts and the uses of force – Crisis management – Military aeronautics
    Jean-Joseph Boillot
    Associate Research Fellow
    Indian Economy – Economy of the emerging countries – Asia/Africa Relations
    Jean-Yves Camus
    Associate Research Fellow
    Zionism and anti-Zionism in contemporary Europe – Regional identities and separatisms in Europe – The relations between the French and the Israeli – The German left and the Middle-East conflict ¬– Nationalisms and extremisms in Europe
    Sylvie Matelly
    Deputy Director
    Military spendings and defence budgets – Arms industries and restructuration – Globalisation and economic and strategic relations – European economy, economic policies
    Thierry Coville
    Research Fellow
    Iran – Country risk
    Marine Simoën
    Associate Research Fellow
    Natural Resources Economics – Raw materials – Renewable energy
    François-Bernard Huyghe
    Senior Research Fellow
    Communications and economic intelligence – Cyber strategy - Terrorism
    Julia Tasse
    Research Fellow
    Climate change - Oceans and marine environments - Marine economy
    Esther Schneider
    Associate Research Fellow
    Sub-Saharan Africa - Development Effectiveness and Finance - Governance - International Cooperation
    Robert Chaouad
    Research Fellow
    The history of the European integration – The institutional evolution of the European Union – The European Union as a global actor
    David Rigoulet-Roze
    Associate Research Fellow
    South West Asia - Near and Middle East - Levant - Mesopotamia - Arabian Peninsula - Gulf Region
    Luca Baccarini
    Associate Research Fellow
    World Energy Markets – Energy strategy: key actors and roles - European Energy Policy in EU - Finance and geopolitics
    Charles Thibout
    Associate Research Fellow
    Geopolitical Issues of Artifical Intelligence - Cyber Strategy - International Political Economy - North America
    Sébastien Abis
    Associate Research Fellow
    Strategic issues in the Mediterranean and North Africa – European Neighbourhood Policy - Agriculture and globalization – Food security and geopolitics of food supply – Grain Trade
    Patrice Moyeuvre
    Associate Research Fellow
    Turkey - Turkish Defence and Armament Issues
    Karim Pakzad
    Associate Research Fellow
    Afghanistan - Pakistan - Iran - Iraq – Kurdish issue
    Francis Perrin
    Senior Research Fellow
    Energy issues – Markets and Energy Prices – Geopolitics of Energy - Energy and Governance
    Edouard Pflimlin
    Associate Research Fellow
    The Japanese defence policy – The strategic stakes in East Asia
    Romuald Sciora
    Associate Research Fellow
    United Nations
    Assen Slim
    Associate Research Fellow
    The European economic integration and common policies – The post socialist transition in Eastern Europe – Sustainable development and degrowth – The economy of gratuity
    Philippe Steininger
    Associate Research Fellow
    Defence Policy - Nuclear Detterence - Aerospace issues – Military Programming and Operations – Aerospace Strategy
    Pim Verschuuren
    Associate Research Fellow
    Geopolitics of sports
    Antoine Petibon
    Associate Research Fellow
    Humanitarian Operations - Humanitarian Evaluation and Innovation - Strategy
    Jean-Pierre Maulny
    Deputy Director
    World arms industry - EDTIB - Arms transfers - Export control - CSDP - NATO - Defence and security issues - Strategic affairs
    Edouard Simon
    Senior Research Fellow
    European Union - European Defence - Defence Industry
    Fabrice Debbasch
    Associate Research Fellow
    Innovation of defense systems - Scientific Issues - New technologies
    Didier Billion
    Deputy Director
    The Middle-East – Turkey and the Turkish-speaking world – The European policy in these regions – The relations between the EU and Turkey – The European policy in the Middle-East
    Barthélémy Courmont
    Senior Research Fellow
    The Political and Security Stakes in North-East Asia - The China's Power Strategy - The American Foreign Policy – The American Policy in Asia Pacific – Nuclear Issues – New Threats
    Gaspard Schnitzler
    Research Fellow
    Arms Industry - Arms and High-Technology Exports - Cooperative Arms Programmes - French and German Defence Policy – Europe Defence Programs – NATO
    Sophie Lefeez
    Associate Research Fellow
    Armament: technologies, choice of equipment, requirements, design, use, support - Strategic issues (supply, cooperation, essence of power) - Strategic positioning of companies - Threat analysis
    Gérard Grizbec
    Associate Research Fellow
    Geopolitics of religions
    Anne Sénéquier
    Research Fellow
    Global Health
    Marie-Cécile Naves
    Senior Research Fellow
    Unites States of America - Gender, equality woman-men, feminism - Socio-political issues of sport
    Serge Michailof
    Associate Research Fellow
    Development of the so-called “fragile countries” – Post conflict reconstruction
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