The French Institute for International and Strategic Affairs (IRIS) is one of the main independent European Think Tanks on geopolitical and strategic issues.

Contributing to the research and the debates around strategic and international issues by offering a different and original analysis of national and international issues.

Creating a very independent way of offering a strategic expertise.

Creating a space for dialogue and reflection in which all the members of the strategic community, that is specialists from different professional and philosophical backgrounds could share their views.


The research unit undertakes scientific research, carries out bespoke studies, publishes papers and provides consulting services for public or private customers, national and worldwide. Research is undertaken in cooperation with foreign outfits and businesses.

The research unit is made up of research directors, researchers and associate researchers. IRIS staff covers both regional areas and wide-ranging issues, and can provide multidisciplinary expertise.

IRIS research focuses on: Defence and Security; International balances of power and Globalisation; Energy and the Environment; Humanitarian and Development; Sport and International Relations; Regional areas: Europe, the Americas, Russia-CIS, sub-Saharan Africa, the Near and Middle East, the Mediterranean region and Asia.

Events and meetings

In tandem with the research team, the Events and Meetings Unit organises a great many events during the year. Some are open to the public, others are restricted to a smaller audience.

Annual flagship events include « Les Entretiens européens d’Enghien » (since 2009); « Les Géopolitiques de Nantes » held at the Lieu Unique in Nantes (since 2013); and « Les Internationales de Dijon » (since 2017).

Other one-off symposia, seminars and conferences are held at the initiative of IRIS and French or foreign organisations. They bring together French or foreign political, economic and military decision-makers, journalists, experts and academics around a wide range of topics.


Every year, IRIS publishes a benchmark survey document entitled « L’Année stratégique », which provides a detailed overview of global shifts.

The institute also publishes a quarterly journal, « La Revue internationale et stratégique », which aims to provide insight into the major strategic debates by comparing ideas and authors from a wide variety of backgrounds.

The « Enjeux stratégiques » series of books delves into more specific strategic issues.


IRIS offers two types of curriculums.

The first is vocational training for people who are generally already in the workforce.

The second is private education, which awards degrees equivalent to four or five years’ higher education, accredited by France’s national professional certification directory, equivalent to level 7 certifications from the European Union. These courses can be completed on campus or as distance learning, and are delivered by IRIS SUP’, the international relations school run by IRIS.

IRIS offers also specific “tailor-made” training programmes, organised within companies or institutions themselves, or at the Institute. They are intended to provide operational responses in order to support their development.

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