Geopolitics and Business

Geopolitics can be defined as the study of the influence of geographical, economic and cultural factors on State policy and international relations. It has always had consequences for companies, but today more than ever they are becoming real geopolitical players. Faced with issues of corruption, sanctions, compliance, liability and extraterritoriality, companies are directly affected by the geopolitical environment, but they are also key players in ongoing developments. The « Geopolitics and Business » programme intends to study this in order to raise awareness among companies (managers and employees), public authorities and the civil society of this political and systemic mutation of the role and place of companies.

A necessary measure against extraterritorial Coercion: to compensate our victims
by Denis Verret, President, DV Conseil
Peut-on caractériser les entreprises internationales en fonction de leur « rapport au monde » ?
Par Patrick D’Humières, directeur de l’Académie durable internationale
L’entreprise est-elle devenue un acteur qui oriente l’évolution géopolitique ?
Par Patrick D’Humières, directeur de l’Académie durable internationale
Deputy Director
Sylvie Matelly

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Sylvie Matelly
Deputy Director
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