The Recognition of the « Comfort Women », Geopolitical Conflict and Patriarchy
Asia Focus
An interview with Mari Miura, Professor at Sophia University in Tokyo, conducted by Eva Rof Sanchez, Graduated Student from the Catholic University of Lille
Italy’s Perception of the EU Defence Industrial « Toolbox »
ARES - Armament Industry European Research Group
By Alessandro Marrone, Head of Defence Programme, Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI)
The Bletchley Park Summit has brought together global leaders and industry giants to discuss AI regulation. The British government aims to establish a dedicated institute with global reach, at a time when regulatory initiatives are multiplying around the world, and now particularly in the US. The organisers chose to focus...
ARES - Armament Industry European Research Group
There is something odd going on in the US Congress these days. Bitter partisanship, obstructionism, and even total dysfunction are, alas, depressingly common on Capitol Hill now. But what to make of the handful of republican legislators – primarily in the House of Representatives but in the Senate as well...
The Shangri-La Dialog 2023: toward the Cold War 2.0 and its dynamics
Asia Focus
By Emmanuel Meneut, Ph.D, Lecturer at the Catholic Universities
What future European Defence and Technological Industrial Basis (EDTIB) do we want/need? The Italian case
ARES - Armament Industry European Research Group
By Ester Sabatino, Research Analyst, Defence and Military Analysis, IISS-Europe
Russia’s war against Ukraine: A new impetus for the harmonisation of European arms export policies? A trilateral perspective from France, Germany, and Sweden
ARES - Armament Industry European Research Group
Worlds’ Feminist Foreign Policies and the Fate of Afghan Women
Programme humanitaire et développement
By Parwana Paikan, Minister Counsellor, Embassy of Afghanistan in France
Programme humanitaire et développement
As anyone with a smartphone knows, the Justice Department indicted former President Donald J. Trump yesterday.  While the US Government has yet to release information about the indictment, Trump’s lawyers have told media outlets that he will be tried for his mishandling of national security documents and for his subsequent...
European military budgets after the war in Ukraine : more cohesion or fragmentation? The German case
ARES - Armament Industry European Research Group
The War in Ukraine and Europe’s Geopolitical awakening
Europe, Strategy, Security Programme
Generative AI, with ChatGPT, breaks down the barriers between specialised applications and aims to achieve an ever more general capability. The revolution brought about by large language models requires policy makers to rethink their segmented approach. As the EU attempts to adjust its AI Act to this shifting reality, future-proof,...
Agricultural resources and climate change: defence and security issues
Observatoire Défense et Climat
Afghan methamphetamine, a threat to Europe?
Observatoire des Criminalités internationales (ObsCI)
By Michel Gandilhon, Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Observatory of International Criminality, and Ronan Goberot, Student at IRIS Sup’. Translation from the French by Beate E. Renner
The New Tunisian Order
Observatoire du Maghreb
by Umberto Profazio, Associate Fellow for the Conflict, Security and Development Programme at the IISS, Maghreb Analyst for the NATO Defense College Foundation
European military budgets after the war in Ukraine : more cohesion or fragmentation? The Italian case
ARES - Armament Industry European Research Group
Nigeria’s Independent National Election Commission (INEC) has announced the results of the country’s February 25 elections: former Lagos State Governor Bola Tinubu will be the country’s next president. The news from this election cycle is decidedly mixed for Africa’s most populous nation. There is some cause for modest satisfaction. First...
European military budgets after the war in Ukraine : more cohesion or fragmentation? The Belgian case
ARES - Armament Industry European Research Group
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