EPOSM – Evidence-based Prevention Of Sporting-related Match-fixing
EPOSM project is a Erasmus+ collaborative partnership between academic and on-the-field organisations which studies sporting-related match-fixing in different sport disciplines on a European level and organizes tailor-made training sessions.

Its objectives are: (1) raise awareness about the prevalence of sporting-related (i.e. non-betting related) match-fixing, (2) stimulate moral judgment regarding sporting-related match-fixing, and (3) share and transfer this knowledge.

These two years project (2020-2021) is co-funded by the European Commission and coordinated by the Ghent University in partnership with IRIS and 9 other European partners.

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  • Ghent University (coordinator)
  • IRIS
  • Utrecht University
  • Play Fair Code
  • Croatian Olympic Committee
  • Lausanne University
  • Loughborough University
  • Panathlon International
  • International Centre Ethics in Sport
  • Counter Sport Corruption Foundation for Sport Integrity
  • Council of Europe
Manipulation des rencontres sportives : une préoccupation grandissante au sein du monde du sport
Entretien avec Christian Kalb, directeur de CK Consulting, expert des paris sportifs et des questions de gouvernance du sport, dans le cadre du projet EPOSM, mené par Carole Gomez, directrice de recherche à l'IRIS, en charge du Programme Sport et Géopolitique.
Nearly 20% of people in sports confronted with (in)direct match-fixing proposals
[EPOSM] Plus de 5000 questionnaires complétés
[EPOSM] More than 5000 completed questionnaires
Lancement en France des recherches dans le cadre du projet EPOSM
EPOSM project tackles non-betting-related match-fixing
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