Experts / Organization Chart
  • Experts
  • Administrative Team
  • Board of Directors
Pascal Boniface
Director of IRIS
Strategic issues – European security – Global power relationships – Nuclear issues – The French foreign policy
Deputy Directors
Didier Billion
Deputy Director
The Middle-East – Turkey and the Turkish-speaking world – The European policy in these regions – The relations between the EU and Turkey – The European policy in the Middle-East
Jean-Pierre Maulny
Deputy Director
World arms industry - EDTIB - Arms transfers - Export control - CSDP - NATO - Defence and security issues - Strategic affairs
Research Steering Committee
Julia Tasse
Senior Research Fellow, Head of the Climate, Energy and Security Programme
Climate change - Oceans and marine environments - Marine economy
Gaspard Schnitzler
Senior Research Fellow, Head of the Defence and Security Industry Programme
European defence - Defence industrial policies - Defence industries - Arms exports - Defence policy of France and Germany - Strategic cultures - EU/NATO
Antoine Diacre
Research Coordinator
Senior Research Fellows
Lukas Aubin
Senior Research Fellow, Head of the Sport and Geopolitics Programme
Geopolitics of sports - Sports diplomacy - Nation Branding - Nation Building and Soft Power - Geopolitics of Russia - Asymmetric warfare, influence, relations within the post-Soviet space and sovereignty
Barthélémy Courmont
Senior Research Fellow, Head of Asia-Pacific Programme
The Political and Security Stakes in North-East Asia - The China's Power Strategy - The American Foreign Policy – The American Policy in Asia Pacific – Nuclear Issues – New Threats
Olivier de France
Senior Research Fellow
Political Europe and geopolitics – International political theory
Jean de Gliniasty
Senior Research Fellow
Russia - CIS - French Diplomacy
Jacques-Pierre Gougeon
Senior Research Fellow
The German-speaking area – Germany’s place and policy within the European Union – The French-German relations - The evolution of Germany since the reunification
Emmanuel Hache
Senior Research Fellow
Natural Resources Economics – Energy issues and Development - Asia and NIC – International Monetary Affairs
Éric Mottet
Senior Research Fellow
Geopolitical and geoeconomic issues in South-East and North-East Asia - Indo-Pacific
Marie-Cécile Naves
Senior Research Fellow
Unites States of America - Gender, equality woman-men, feminism - Socio-political issues of sport
Francis Perrin
Senior Research Fellow
Energy issues – Markets and Energy Prices – Geopolitics of Energy - Energy and Governance
Caroline Roussy
Senior Research Fellow, Head of the Africa/s Programme
West Africa – Regional Integration – Border issues – G5-Sahel
Federico Santopinto
Senior Research Fellow, Head of the Europe, Strategy and Security Programme
European Union - European Defence - Defence Industry
Christophe Ventura
Senior Research Fellow, Head of the Latin America/Caribbean programme
Latin America (political life, regional integration, foreign policy...) – Civil society and Social movements
Research Fellows
Fatou Elise Ba
Research Fellow, Head of the Humanitarian and Development Programme
International Aid - Advocacy and Humanitarian Policies - Human Rights - Gender and Development
Camille Boulenguer
Research Fellow
Industrial economy - Taxation - Illegal economy (tax evasion, money laundering, corruption) - Impact of new technologies on the economy (artificial intelligence, cryptocurrencies, robotics)
Thierry Coville
Research Fellow
Iran – Country risk
Nathalie Ernoult
Research Fellow
Humanitarianism - Global Health
Marine de Guglielmo Weber
Research Fellow
Strategic and security issues related to climate change - Geoengineering - Weather modification - Food and agricultural issues - Information and communication issues
Frédéric Jeannin
Research Fellow
Geopolitics of nuclear power - Geopolitics of energy - Low-carbon technologies - Raw materials
Sami Ramdani
Research Fellow at IRIS
Energy security – Russia – Central and Eastern Europe
Anne Sénéquier
Research Fellow
Global Health - Health and international cooperation - Health and Environnement
Louise Souverbie
Research Fellow
European Union - Central and Eastern Europe - Defence Europe - Defence industry
Associate Research Fellows
Sébastien Abis
Associate Research Fellow
Strategic issues in the Mediterranean and North Africa – European Neighbourhood Policy - Agriculture and globalization – Food security and geopolitics of food supply – Grain Trade
Luca Baccarini
Associate Research Fellow
World Energy Markets – Energy strategy: key actors and roles - European Energy Policy in EU - Finance and geopolitics
Karim Émile Bitar
Associate Research Fellow
The Middle-East – The relations between islam and the Western world; politics and religion – The Franco-Arab relations and the Euro-Mediterranean stakes – The media in the Arab world, feminism and civil societies
Jean-Joseph Boillot
Associate Research Fellow
Indian Economy – Economy of the emerging countries – Asia/Africa Relations
Rémi Bourgeot
Associate Research Fellow
Economics, Globalisation, Finance, Europe, Middle-East, Asia, Energy, Industry
Jean-Vincent Brisset
Associate Research Fellow
China and the Chinese world – Strategic questions in Asia – Defence and international relations – The military tool: means, operations, concepts – The military nuclear weapons – Military aeronautics – NBCR risk and civil protection
Jean-Yves Camus
Associate Research Fellow
Zionism and anti-Zionism in contemporary Europe – Regional identities and separatisms in Europe – The relations between the French and the Israeli – The German left and the Middle-East conflict – Nationalisms and extremisms in Europe
Patrick Charaix
Associate Research Fellow
Defense policy - Nuclear deterrence - Crisis management and military planning - External operations - Leadership and management
Patrick Chevallereau
Associate Research Fellow
Defence policy – Transatlantic relationship – NATO – Franco-British cooperation – Brexit – European defence – United States’ policy and politics – Maritime strategy
Jean-François Corty
Associate Research Fellow, in charge of the Rendez-vous de l'humanitaire
Humanitarian action - Development - Health - Health, social and environmental inequalities
Fabrice Debbasch
Associate Research Fellow
Innovation of defense systems - Scientific Issues - New technologies
Arnaud Dubien
Associate Research Fellow
Pascal Dupont
Associate Research Fellow
Aerospace Law - Public and European international Law - Defence - Security - Transport
El Hadj Souleymane Gassama
Associate Research Fellow
Diaspora - Immigration - Françafrique - Decolonisation - Demography - Democracy - Money transfers - Donation - Debt - Identities - Childhood and feminism in Africa
Laurent Giacobbi
Associate Research Fellow
Latin America and the Caribbean (geopolitics, defence and security, foreign influences) - Strategic issues linked to climate change
Jean-Paul Ghoneim
Associate Research Fellow
Gulf States
Carole Gomez
Associate Research Fellow
International Sport Issues - Sport Diplomacy - Sport Integrity
Gaëtan Gorce
Associate Research Fellow, co-head of the International Crimes Observatory
Contemporary issues faced by Europe (migratory flows, digital sovereignty...) - International employment laws
Jean-Marc Gravellini
Associate Research Fellow
Security and development issues in Sahel - Strategy - Development of public policies and investment programmes
Gérard Grizbec
Associate Research Fellow
Geopolitics of religions - Conflict zones
Jeff Hawkins
Associate Research Fellow, US Ambassador (ret.)
US Foreign Policy
Pierre Jaillet
Associate Research Fellow
Economy and monetary policy - European institutions and the functioning of the euro zone - Monetary and financial international relations - International cooperation bodies and organisations
Sofia Kabbej
Associate Research Fellow
Climat – Security – Risk prevention – International climate negociations – Governance of geoengineering
Francis Laloupo
Associate Research Fellow
Geopolitics of Africa - Tools and mechanisms of crisis resolution - Emerging conflicts
Émilie Laffiteau
Associate Research Fellow
Sub-Saharan Africa (macroeconomics analyzes and forecast, public statistics, regional integration, economic resilience) - Assessment of official development assistance (ODA)
Julien Laurent
Associate Research Fellow
Energy markets and international relations - Strategies of energy actors (companies, states) - Finance and geopolitics
Georges Lefeuvre
Associate Research Fellow
Afghanistan / Pakistan / India
Pierrick Le Jeune
Associate Research Fellow
Asia, South-East Asia – Afghanistan – The reform of public administrations – Public services – NGOs
Emmanuel Lincot
Associate Research Fellow
Political and Cultural History of Contemporary China - China / Middle East Relationships - China / Central Asia Relationships - China / France Relationships - Geopolitics of the arts, archaeology and heritage
François Mabille
Associate Research Fellow, Director of the Geopolitical Observatory of Religion
Geopolitics of religions - Religious actors in international relations - Pontifical diplomacy - Radicalisation and religious risk
Frédéric Mauro
Associate Research Fellow
European Defence Policy - PESCO
Teva Meyer
Associate Research Fellow
Nuclear energy – Nuclear weapons – Proliferation – Energy technologies – Energy transitions
Serge Michailof
Associate Research Fellow
Development of the so-called “fragile countries” – Post conflict reconstruction
Patrice Moyeuvre
Associate Research Fellow
Turkey - Turkish Defence and Armament Issues
Carlos Ominami Pascual
Associate Research Fellow, former Chilean Minister of the Economy
Latin American economy and finance, regional integration, foreign policy
Brahim Oumansour
Associate Research Fellow, Director of the Maghreb Observatory
US foreign policy in the Middle East and North Africa - Conflict, State and non-governmental players in North Africa and the Middle East
Karim Pakzad
Associate Research Fellow
Afghanistan - Pakistan - Iran - Iraq – Kurdish issue
Éric Percheron
Associate Research Fellow
Compliance – Financial Security – Anti-money laundering – Cross border flows and country risks analysis
Marianne Péron-Doise
Associate Research Fellow, Director of the Indo-Pacific Geopolitical Observatory
Strategic issues and alliances in Asia - Maritime security - Indo-Pacific - Defense and security policy in North-East Asia (Japan-Korea)
Guillaume Pitron
Associate Research Fellow
Economic, political and environmental issues of raw materials – Impact of digital pollution
Noémie Rebière
Associate Research Fellow
Energy security - Energy and defence - Resilience and critical infrastructure - Turkey, European Union - Mediterranean, Middle East, Central Asia
David Rigoulet-Roze
Associate Research Fellow
South West Asia - Near and Middle East - Levant - Mesopotamia - Arabian Peninsula - Gulf Region
Romuald Sciora
Associate Research Fellow
United Nations - United States - Wokeism
Jacques Serba
Associate Research Fellow
Humanitarian action – Organisation and functioning of the NGOs – External action of the territorial authorities
Marine Simoën
Associate Research Fellow
Natural Resources Economics – Raw materials – Renewable energy
Assen Slim
Associate Research Fellow
The European economic integration and common policies – The post socialist transition in Eastern Europe – Sustainable development and degrowth – The economy of gratuity
Philippe Steininger
Associate Research Fellow
Defence Policy - Nuclear Detterence - Aerospace issues – Military Programming and Operations – Aerospace Strategy
Denis Tersen
Associate Research Fellow
International Economics - International Trade - Globalisation
Charles Thibout
Associate Research Fellow
GAFAM and BATX - Digital - Companies and States - Dual technologies
Éric Vernier
Associate Research Fellow
Money laundering – Business frauds – Sustainable development in the banking world
Pim Verschuuren
Associate Research Fellow
Geopolitics of sports
Jean-Marc Vigilant
Associate Research Fellow
Defence policy - NATO - External operations - New technologies
David Weinberger
Associate Research Fellow
Illicit drugs trafficking and its geopolitics - Money laundering and the funding of terrorism - Tobacco smuggling
Henry Zipper de Fabiani
Associate Research Fellow
Balkans - Central Asia