The Asia-Pacific region is the focus of considerable attention because of its economic influence, its demographic weight and the number of political, strategic and security challenges it faces. IRIS’ Asia‑Pacific Programme seeks to understand major trends in the region while also providing in-depth analysis of its countries and the specific issues they face.

The Recognition of the « Comfort Women », Geopolitical Conflict and Patriarchy
An interview with Mari Miura, Professor at Sophia University in Tokyo, conducted by Eva Rof Sanchez, Graduated Student from the Catholic University of Lille
Where from… whither to: Trends and tribulations of the Indo-Pacific concept
By Captain (Dr.) Gurpreet S Khurana, Indian Navy (Retd.)
The Shangri-La Dialog 2023: toward the Cold War 2.0 and its dynamics
By Emmanuel Meneut, Ph.D, Lecturer at the Catholic Universities
Strategic Realities: Deepen Transatlantic Ties with the European Union – Not NATO – to Cooperate in the Indo-Pacific
By Kelly Grieco, Senior Fellow, Stimson Center. This note is published in the framework of a partnership between IRIS and the American research centre « Pacific Forum » based in Honolulu (Hawaii) whose work focuses on the foreign policy and security of the main countries in the Pacific area.
La Malaisie, un acteur maritime qui s’ignore au cœur de l’ASEAN
Par Benjamin Blandin, doctorant à l’Institut catholique de Paris. Article issu d’une intervention de l’auteur lors de la journée d’étude « Déni d’accès en Indo-Pacifique » organisée au sein de l’Institut catholique de Paris le 23 juin 2022.
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