The Asia-Pacific region is the focus of considerable attention because of its economic influence, its demographic weight and the number of political, strategic and security challenges it faces. IRIS’ Asia‑Pacific Programme seeks to understand major trends in the region while also providing in-depth analysis of its countries and the specific issues they face.

Tibet: a forgotten country
by Katia Buffetrille, Ethnologist and Tibetologist, researcher at the EPHE, author of "L’âge d’or du Tibet" (Les Belles Lettres, 2019)
L’Indo-Pacifique : quels enjeux pour l’Europe et l’Asie non-chinoise ?
Les relations sino-européennes à l’aube d’une nouvelle ère ?
Entretien avec David Baverez, investisseur privé et chroniqueur pour l'Opinion et Les Échos, réalisé par Emmanuel Lincot, chercheur associé à l'IRIS.
China’s Soft Power Through Humanitarian Aid in Myanmar and Indonesia
By Maïa Ramzan, Graduated from IRIS SUP' in "Humanitarian Programmes Management - Humanitarian Development" (2019-2020)
Japan-South Korea’s rivalry: The Semiconductor Industry Instrumentalization and its Implication for the Future of Japan-South Korea Economic Interdependence
by Loïc Dumas, Analyst in Market Intelligence with Cision
China’s Use of Soft Power through Culture: Language and Education in Cambodia and Malaysia
By Maïa Ramzan, Graduated from IRIS Sup' in Humanitarian Management
Cleaning the Security Apparatus before the two Meetings
par Alex Payette, PhD, CEO Cercius Group, Adjunct Professor, Glendon College
Gender-Mainstreaming and Agricultural Development in Asia: Can it Make a Difference?
by Manon Le Signor, Graduated in Humanitarian Management at IRIS Sup'
« Secured Product » and « Trusted Company »: Lessons for the Digital Society from the Huawei Case
by Emmanuel Meneut, PhD, Catholic Universities Lecturer
New Perspectives on the Belt and Road Initiative beyond Doctrinal Debates
Interview with Richard T. Griffiths, Emeritus Professor of Economic History and International Studies at Leiden University. By Dealan Riga, Researcher from Liège University.
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