Humanitarian Affairs Think Tank
 Humanitarian Affairs Think Tank
Under the direction of Michel Maietta, Senior Research Fellow at IRIS. This space of reflection aims to be an open forum for dialogue and research on humanitarian space’s evolution and the role of its stakeholders.

The humanitarian sector is going through an identity crisis; discussions about its west centric orientation, interventionist nature and more recently the resilience agenda have stirred new thinking but not revolutionary change. This is perhaps because serious consideration of these issues could radically challenge the established models, question our set of values and redefine the balance of power between the humanitarian actors.

This observatory aims to facilitate discussions which will bring together the perspective of actors in the humanitarian field and contribute to the thinking around a new generation of humanitarian organisations.

In addition to the published reports, the Humanitarian and Development programme invites you to attend our “Stand Up of Humanitarian sector”events. These consist of a 15 min presentation from a main speaker, who is then challenged by several contradictors for a further 15 minutes. Following this rebuttal questions are opened to the floor for an hour.

The Stand Ups represent both you and us, they create a new paradigm that is off the beaten track. They also bring a new way of interacting with each other, giving more place for debate, in order to give chance to new ideas in common thinking. As we think that leading new ideas are necessarily the product of a collective work.

By Michel Maietta, Senior Research Fellow at IRIS
The temptation for civil-military cooperation
by François-Xavier Delmonteil, Post-Doctoral Researcher at the Ecole Polytechnique
Partnerships between NGOs: Strategic Humanitarianism?
By Olivier Routeau, Emergencies and Operational Development Manager, Première Urgence Internationale
Humanitarian Disruption: A Collaborative Approach
by Olivier Lebel, Founder of Empor SRL and PROXIMUS, Previous Managing Director of Médecins du Monde and of the French Red Cross
Using the Future to Humanity’s Advantage
by Michel Maietta, Senior Research Fellow, IRIS
Humanitarian Negociation in International NGOs
by Olivier Baconnet, International Security Consultant
Remodelling Humanitarian Action: why and how?
by Bernard Hours, Social Anthropologist, CESSMA
Humanitarian Assistance In The Information Economy : The Role of Information Management
By Sandra SUDHOFF, Technical Director and IM Manager and Timo LÜGE, Senior Communications and Advocacy Expert, CartONG
Camps in Humanitarian crises: Behind the Scenes
by Mérick Freedy Alagbe
What should be expected from the Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul?
By Roger Persichino, Analyst and Consultant on International Aid Issues
Increasing Private Sector Involvement in the Humanitarian Response System: Risks and Opportunities
By Éric Berseth and Vincent Mudry, Founders of Philanthropy Advisors
Citizen Mobilization for Humanitarian Causes: Rethink the Volunteer’s Position in NGOs’ Framework
By Dorian Dreuil, Executive Board of Action Against Hunger
Senior Research Fellow
Michel Maietta

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