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Special Conference of Laurent Fabius, French Minister of Foreign Affairs, for the Students of IRIS SUP, the School of IRIS

21 mai 2015
IRIS had the distinguished honor, on Wednesday, May 20, 2015, of hosting Mr Laurent Fabius, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development, for a talk addressing the students of IRIS SUP on the current issues facing French diplomacy.

Laurent Fabius, on this occasion, expressed his appreciation and support for the institution. He noted that IRIS is a unique combination of a think tank of recognized excellence and a degree-granting educational institution. This model, Mr. Fabius said, has contributed to its international reputation.

In his address, Laurent Fabius emphasized the changing nature of today's world characterized by a new hierarchy of powers, a changing international system and a "dispersion" of power. He noted that in this turbulent world, rife with threats and instability, many legitimate concerns are being raised. Given this situation, Mr Fabius stated that the four priorities that the French Foreign Affairs Ministry has set for itself in order to create a clear and coherent framework for action are: peace and security; organization and preservation of the planet; the revival and reorientation of Europe; economic influence and recovery.

He concluded his address by reiterating that the main principle that guides France's diplomacy is that independent foreign policy is key to the country's influence. He recalled that independence in foreign policy has always been part of the country's history and continues to guide the vision behind France's international relations.

The minister also took the opportunity to announce that two important leaders of Sahel Jihadists, one of whom claimed the kidnapping and murder of two French RFI radio journalists, had just been killed in Northern Mali by French Special Forces. Laurent Fabius ended the conference by answering questions put forward by IRIS SUP students.

IRIS thanks Mr. Laurent Fabius for the engaging and informative talk, and the support he has extended to IRIS and its school IRIS SUP.
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