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New ‘GeoSport’ platform launched by IRIS and emlyon business school

27 octobre 2020

GeoSport, a new digital platform focused on geopolitics and sport, has been jointly launched by IRIS (Institute of International and Strategic Affairs), the leading French geopolitical and strategic think-tank, and emlyon business school.

The core management team for the publication comprises Simon Chadwick, Professor of Eurasian Sport Industry at emlyon business school, alongside Carole Gomez and Estelle E. Brun, both researchers at the IRIS’ Department of Sport and Geopolitics, and Dr Paul Widdop of Manchester Metropolitan University in the UK.

GeoSport will be a home for intelligent, value-adding content on geopolitics and sport, providing informed, expert analyses on contemporary issues. The key focus of the content will be around diplomacy; international relations; nation branding; politics and soft power, and the link of these areas to sport.

With key target audiences of government, policy makers, business leaders and managers, academics, students and sports fans, the platform’s goal is to be the leading global voice on geopolitics and sport, offering the most extensive and expert insight in this area.

Carole Gomez says,

“The growing symbiotic relationship of sport, global networks and geopolitics continues to rise. Sport is increasingly being utilised by governments, policy makers, businesses and others to achieve a multiplicity of goals, including building diplomatic relationships, enhancing soft power, easing international tensions, and strengthening strategic position. The platform will feature expertise which will help to inform and analyse key issues in the field.”

The platform will publish both short-form and long-form articles on geopolitics and sport, and will also launch both a podcast and webinar series to feature on the news site. This content will both be sourced by members of the management team for publication; and can be pitched for or submitted from external parties for publishing.

“Qatar’s staging of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, China’s policy of stadium diplomacy in Africa, investments by sovereign wealth funds in sport and the involvement of national airlines in sports sponsorship programmes, are some of many instances where geopolitics and sport are merging. The link between the two is of rapidly growing interest for observers of and those working in sport and politics.” Professor Chadwick says.

In addition to publishing written articles and delivering audio-visual content, GeoSport plans to stage face-to-face or virtual conferences in the future, with a particular focus on the opportunities that forthcoming developments in sport may provide.

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