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Renewal of the Defence and Climate Observatory and launch of a dedicated website

15 novembre 2022
Defense et climat

IRIS Institute and the DGRIS are pleased to announce the renewal of the Defence and Climate Observatory, initially launched in December 2016, with new features: a dedicated website in French and English, and the creation of the podcast « Sur le front climatique ».

The Defence and Climate Observatory is tasked with studying climate-related security and defence. It is coordinated by IRIS under the contract carried out on behalf of the French Ministry of the Armed Forces’ Directorate General for International Relations and Strategy (DGRIS).

The Observatory’s work is organised into three research focuses: risk mapping, analysis, and anticipation.

The Observatory’s multidisciplinary and cross-disciplinary team is made up of researchers specialised in international relations, security, defence, migrations, energy, the economy, climatology and health. It is led by two scientific coordinators: : Julia Tasse et François Gemenne.

The Observatory has initiated many collaborative endeavours with European partners (Netherlands, Luxembourg), international partners (Australia, United States, India), international NGOs, and national and international public bodies. These initiatives have enabled it to strengthen cooperation on climate issues and their security implications.


The Observatory now has its own website which lists all its activities:

Publications : In different formats, the Observatory's researchers publish prospective and strategic reflection notes, operational notes, prospective study reports by geographical area, thematic study reports and country sheets.

Read the recently published note:
Geopolitical and security implications of Climate vulnerability in the Carribbean Islands?


« Sur le front climatique » Podcast: In view of the swift change in climate conditions, researchers from the Observatory of Climate Change Impacts on Defence and Security are questioning specialists and stakeholders in every field about the changes in the international strategic landscape, the security challenges that accompany it, and the impacts on Defence and the armed forces. A bi-monthly podcast, it is available on most podcast platforms.

Listen to the podcast
Introductory episode with Julia Tasse and François Gemenne, co-directors of the Defence and Climate Observatory (in French)


Events: The Defence and Climate Observatory regularly runs invitation-only seminars and public lectures, with the aim of advancing dialogue and stimulating debate on the security and defence challenges posed by current and future climate change. The conferences, which are open to all, can be viewed in replay on the Observatory’s YouTube channel.

Attend the Seminar (in French)
Island States facing climate change: study report and feedback from COP27
Tuesday 22 November 2022, 9am-12.15pm

Read more:
Observatoire Défense et Climat
Observatoire Défense et Climat

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