Europe, Strategy, Security

The Europe, Strategy, Security (ESS) Programme seeks to understand the political and strategic changes in taking place in Europe and in its regional environment. The Programme’s work focuses on the European Strategic Observatory, preparing studies, seminars and public conferences, and offering education and training in European issues. The Programme has a particular focus on: Europe as a political and strategic force; the psyche, culture and strategic priorities of European countries; strategic and security changes in its regional environment from the Sahel to the Baltic Sea; and approaches to power and strategy.

Assessment and Prospects of Security Threats
Defence Budgets and Cooperation in Europe: Developments, Trends and Drivers
State and Strategy : How Big States Do their Strategic Thinking
Towards Balanced Defence Industry in Europe: Main Specificities of Central and Eastern European Defence Industries
By Vilém Kolín
Towards the Definition of a Strategic European Defence Company
Pour une définition de l’entreprise stratégique de défense européenne
European Commission Communication on the Defence and Security Sector: towards a Definition of a Strategic EDTIB?
La communication de la commission européenne sur le secteur de la défense et de la sécurité : vers une définition d’une BITDE stratégique ?
Approximation of the national legislation of Eastern Partnership countries with EU legislation in the economic field
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Olivier De France

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