Defence and Security Industry

The Defence and Security Industry Programme seeks to provide information to policymakers, industry officials and the general public on defence and armament issues and security technology. The Programme studies the broad outlook and trends in this field. It draws notably on the Armament Industry European Research Group (ARES Group) network.

The Economics of European Defence
by Keith Hartley, University of York
Today’s Technological Innovations for tomorrow’s Defence
by Christophe-Alexandre Paillard, French Senior Official, Senior Lecturer (Sciences Po Paris), and Professor Nick Butler, King’s College, London.
Technological Innovation, the US Third Offset Strategy and the Future Transatlantic Defense
by John Louth, Senior Research Fellow and Director for Defence, Industries and Society at RUSI , and Christian Moelling, Senior Resident Fellow for Security Policy with GMF.
Appropriate Level of European Strategic Autonomy
Defence Industrial Policy in Belgium and The Netherlands
The Eu’s Security of Supply Agenda
by Sophia Besch, Research Fellow, Centre for European Reform
Le futur programme européen de recherche de défense
Par Frédéric Mauro, avocat au barreau de Paris
Krauss-Maffei Wegmann – Nexter: A Rapid Integration as the Key for a Real Marriage
A European Drone by 2025? The View from Spain on EUROMALE
By Felix Arteaga, Senior Analyst, Real Instituto Elcano
A European Drone by 2025? The View from Italy on EUROMALE
By Alessandro Marrone, Senior Fellow, Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI)
Assessment and Prospects of Security Threats
A ‘Game Changer’? The EU’S Preparatory Action on Defence Research
By Daniel Fiott, Researcher, Institute for European Studies, Free University of Brussels ; Renaud Bellais, Associate Researcher in Economics, ENSTA Bretagne, France
Armament Industry Research Group: Presentation
By the Ares Group’s Board (Jean-Pierre Maulny, Deputy Director, IRIS, Paris ; Carole Ferrand, General Directorate for Armament, Ministry of Defence, Paris ; Hilmar Linnenkamp, Advisor, SWP, Berlin ; Antonio Missiroli, Director, EUISS, Paris ; Nick Witney, Senior Policy Fellow, ECFR, London).
Towards Balanced Defence Industry in Europe: Main Specificities of Central and Eastern European Defence Industries
By Vilém Kolín
Towards the Definition of a Strategic European Defence Company
Senior Research Fellow at IRIS, Head of the Defense and Security Programme
Gaspard Schnitzler

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