Towards an EU Sport Diplomacy (TES-D)
Towards an EU Sport Diplomacy (TES-D) is a two-year project co-funded by the Erasmus + Programme of the European Union (EU), headed by IRIS in collaboration with 7 European partners from six countries, dedicated to the implementation and promotion of an EU sport diplomacy.

Building on the hypothesis that the sum of all existing national sport diplomacies of the EU can be used to create coherent and implementable policy recommendations at the EU-level, TES-D’s guiding principle is to mix academic inquiry, practitioner perspectives and empirical knowledge. In addition to conducting pilot actions and proposing e-learning content, reports and relevant data specifically collected for the project will be regularly published made to grow and maintain a network of relevant stakeholders interested in contributing to and aware of the potential of an EU-level sport diplomacy.
  • IRIS
  • Université Carols 3
  • SOAS
  • ISCA
  • UC Louvain
  • Universita catolica
  • Edge Hill University
Sport Diplomacy: A Literature Review of Scholarly and Policy Sources
Five sport diplomacy pilot projects selected for TES-D support in 2022
TES-D : A New Erasmus+ Sport Project for the Development of a Sport Diplomacy for the European Union
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