[TES-D] Development of EU Sport Diplomacy

Towards a European Union Sport Diplomacy (TES-D) is a two-year project funded by Erasmus+ which began in January 2021. The TES-D team is made of eight organisations led by IRIS – 5 universities, 1 NGO and 1 think tank – based in six different countries. Together, we aim to propose concrete recommendations which could enhance the development of a sport diplomacy strategy at the European Union-level.

Our approach is two-folded, mixing academic reports and grassroots initiatives. This series of videos summarises written findings and activities which can be found on our website (

Richard Parrish, Professor of Sports Law at the Centre for Sports Law and Research Director at the Edge Hill University, was in charge of coordinating the drafting of a report entitled “Development of EU Sport Diplomacy” in which members of the TES-D team assess the achievements and challenges faced by the EU in the field of sport diplomacy so far.

He summarises their findings in the video below.

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