IRIS IRIS was founded in 1991 as the result of a private initiative. Despite the French field of international relations being rather narrow, IRIS has gradually succeeded in becoming a reference among the French think tanks specialised in strategic and international issues.

IRIS was founded with a view to meeting three main goals:
> Contributing to the research and the debates around strategic and international issues by offering a different and original analysis of national and international issues;
> Creating a really independent centre of expertise;
> Creating a space for dialogue and reflection in which all the members of the strategic community, that is specialists from different professional and philosophical backgrounds (i.e., policy makers, senior officials, industrialists, military leaders, experts and academics) could share their views.

The activities of IRIS are centred on issues related to foreign policy and strategy, as well as to security and defence. IRIS is an independent centre of expertise, and its team of experts, its networks and the quality of its analyses make it a partner of choice for companies which aim to expand their activities into foreign countries, as well as a credible interlocutor for public institutions. Through its numerous exchanges with foreign research centres and with the economic, political and diplomatic worlds, IRIS has been able to build a network of specialists throughout the world, which has enabled it to develop and deepen its activities and to extend its audience and, thus, to become a real think tank.
Rethinking western humanitarian ideology : let’s rise to the challenge together
By Stephanie Rivoal, President of Action against Hunger, France (march 2014)

Is corporatism disappearing ?
By Antoine Petibon, Director of International Programmes of the French Red Cross with Amélie Chauvin, Sciences Po Lyon graduate (march 2014)

What impact do institutional donor requirements have on NGOS ?
By Elvira Rodriguez Escudeiro, Head of Institutional Donors Relations, Action contre la Faim ACF) (january 2014)

Flaws in humanitarian protection: the case of displaced people
By Mérick Freedy Alagbe / Assistant Country Director - RDC, Oxfam (december 2013)

Key lessons to learn for typhoon Haiyan response
By Meal Humanitarian Technical Working Group, Save the Children (november 2013)

The discourse of western humanitarianism
By Juliano E.M.Fiori, Humanitarian Affairs Adviser, Save the Children UK (october 2013)

By Prof. Dr. Seyfettin Gürsel, Betam, Direktör - Yrd. Doç. Dr. Gökçe Uysal, Betam Direktör Yardimcisi - Aysenur Acar, Betam, Arastirma Asistani (october 2013)

NGO activities must form part of a social transformation logic
By Bertrand Brequeville, Desk Officer, Médecins du Monde (september 2013)

How important is the motivation of actors in maintaining humanitarian space?
By Eilidh Kennedy, Regional Humanitarian Analyst, Save the Children International (september 2013)

Pooling of defence research and development
By Jean-Pierre Maulny , Deputy Director of IRIS, and Sylvie Matelly , Senior Research Fellow at IRIS (july 2013)

The AKP Decade: An Economic Success Story ?
By Betam’s Director Seyfettin Gürsel (Al Jazeera Magazine) (july 2013)

Brazilian Economy : a challenge on the horizon for Dilma
By Thiago de Aragao, Associated Research Fellow at IRIS (June 2013)

Paraguay : Colorados returns to power
By Thiago de Aragao, Associated Research Fellow at IRIS (April 2013)

Maduro wins election by thin margin ; will have political and economic problems to manage
By Thiago de Aragao, Associated Research Fellow at IRIS (April 2013)

Time to try something which works : the European Union policy on Iran
By Thierry Coville, Research Fellow at IRIS (April 2013)

By Pierre Verluise, Director of Research at IRIS, Director of Diploweb.com (March 2013)

By Prof. Dr. Dogu Ergil (February 2013)

Money laundering: the latest threat to sports betting?
L'Année stratégique 2014