East Africa and the Horn in 2022: An Outlook for Strategic Positioning

[Note] IARAN – The Inter-Agency Regional Analysts Network – March 2017

East Africa and the Horn is one of the most politically dynamic regions in the world. Almost nowhere else have geopolitical forces and regional ambitions combined to produce such volatile results…

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[Comment] The Economics of European Defence: Some Additional Insights

Ares Group #15 – by Jean Belin, Josselin Droff, and Julien Malizard, Chaire Économie de Défense

Brexit and budgetary constraints will offer possibilities, at least from a theoretical point of view, to foster cooperation among European countries from both an industrial and a policy perspective…

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IRIS 26th in Ranking of International Think Tanks on International Affairs

The Global Go To Think Tanks 2016 is out! IRIS ranked better overall than last year: 27th in the “Top think tanks in Western Europe” category (out of 1,276); 17th in the “Top Defense and National Security Think Tanks” category, 26th in the “Top think tanks on foreign policy and international affairs” category (out of 6,846), and 38th in the « Best Conference » category (out of 6,846).

Press releaseGlobal Go-To Think Tanks 2016

Kick-off meeting of the EU W.H.I.S.T.L.E. Project on whistle-blowing in sport

IRIS is one of eight European institutions participating to this 2 year-long Erasmus + project, which will focus on promoting whistle-blowing in sport, concerning information related to any kind of fraud within the sports sector (doping, match-fixing, corruption, sexual harassment, etc.). Among the main deliverables, education tools and a scientific report will be produced to favour and protect whistle-blowers.

Health is neither a Business nor an Algorithm!

« Global Health » Think Tank’s Note – By Frédéric Bizard, Economist – December 2016

« Medicine should not be practiced as a trade«  – the public health code (article R4127-19) could not be clearer. Wherever from – health care professional, industrialist, financier or public authority – the comparison between health and commerce has lead to multiple diversions, of which sanitary crises are only the tips of the iceberg…

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Putting the EU’s Global Strategy into action

The French Institute for International and Strategic Affairs (Institut de Relations Internationales et Stratégiques), together with a European consortium of think tanks, is working on a project commissioned by the European Defence Agency to provide concrete and actionable proposals to implement the European Union’s Global Strategy.

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Defence Budgets and Cooperation in Europe: Trends and Investments

Edited by Alessandro Marrone, Olivier de France and Daniele Fattibene

The report provides an in-depth analysis of investments in defence equipment in 2016, including national specificities. It then analyses how defence cooperation in Europe has unfolded at the bilateral, regional, mini-lateral and multilateral levels in 2015-2016, with a particular focus on the roles played by Germany and the US.

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Humanitarian and Development
Using the Future to Humanity’s Advantage
$1 spent in preparedness saves $7 in humanitarian response[1]. Humanitarians working in disaster preparedness, early warning, and resilience building have all heard this before. Though it may satisfy public...
The Georgian parliamentary election: Georgian Dream still at the helm
Last month’s parliamentary election in Georgia is a reminder that its democratic and Euro Atlantic course remains steadfast. Compared to its eastern neighbour, Azerbaijan, where a recent constitutional referendum...
Humanitarian and Development
Humanitarian Assistance in the Information Economy: The Role of Information Management
Improving humanitarian information management is at the heart of next week’s conference “GeONG 2016 -Impact of humanitarian IM: Lessons from the past, shaping the future”. The conference takes place...
EU, Spain and the refugee crisis
In your opinion, what are the roots of the refugee crisis? Various geopolitical dynamics in the EU’s neighborhood and beyond (mainly the Middle East and North Africa, the Sahel...
Germany vs. the ECB: an Inconvenient Debate?
The campaign that a number of German officials have mounted against the European Central Bank’s expansionary policy reflects the overwhelming political difficulties facing the eurozone. Meanwhile, many political leaders,...
Energy and the Environment
Hydrocarbons falling prices: A danger for European energy security?
The European Union counted in 2014 for 12.7% of the worldwide energy consumption keeping for fossil energies (coal, oil and natural gas) a 73% part. The last coordination strategy...
Humanitarian and Development
Blueprint for Revolution – 3 questions to Srdja Popovic
Srdja Popovic formed the student movement Otpor! that helped topple Serbian dictator Slobodan Milošević. He’s the Director of the “Center for applied non violent action and strategies” and teach...
Humanitarian Affairs Think Tank
Using the Future to Humanity’s Advantage
Religious Extremism in Africa. Conversation between Rehmah Kasule and Nurudeen Lemu
Sub-Saharan Africa
Overcoming the Challenges of Undernutrition in Tanzania through 2021
Humanitarian Affairs Think Tank
Reducing Maternal Mortality in Low Income Countries: a societal challenges?
Humanitarian Affairs Think Tank
East Africa and the Horn in 2022: An Outlook for Strategic Positioning
Ares Group
The Economics of European Defence: Some Additional Insights
#15 - Comment
Deploying Financial Tools in Support of European Defence Cooperation
#14 - Comment
Defence and Industrial Policy in Slovakia and the Czech Republic
#12 - Policy Paper
The Economics of European Defence
#11 - Comment
Technological Innovation, the US Third Offset Strategy and the Future Transatlantic Defense
#9 - Policy PaperAbout #9 and #10 Ares Group's Policy Papers
The Eu’s Security of Supply Agenda
#6 - Comment
A European Drone by 2025? The View from Spain on EUROMALE
#3 - Comment
A European Drone by 2025? The View from Italy on EUROMALE
#2 - Comment
A ‘Game Changer’? The EU’S Preparatory Action on Defence Research
#1 - Policy Paper
Armament Industry Research Group: Presentation
Launching Paper
Associate Research Fellow
EU Internal security - AFSJ - Industrial security policy
MOYEUVRE Patrice Patrice Moyeuvre
Associate Research Fellow
Turkey - Turkish Defence and Armament Issues
BONIFACE-Pascal 2 Pascal Boniface
Director of IRIS
Strategic issues – European security – Global power relationships – Nuclear issues – The French foreign policy
Chercheur associé Jean-Yves Camus
Associate Research Fellow
Zionism and anti-Zionism in contemporary Europe – Regional identities and separatisms in Europe – The relations between the French and the Israeli – The German left and the Middle-East conflict ¬– Nationalisms and extremisms in Europe
Chercheur associé Eddy Fougier
Associate Research Fellow
The media and the international and European current affairs – The alter-globalisation – The debate about globalisation – Public opinion and international and European issues – The reactions to the EU – Electoral analyses
BESSIS Sophie Sophie Bessis
Associate Research Fellow
The cooperation between the North and the South – Food problems – The Third World’s economy and its geopolitical future – African questions
GALEA Manuel Manuel Galea
Associate Research Fellow
Transformation of the humanitarian sector, Quality of interventions, Official development assistance, Health related issues
Chercheur Pim Verschuuren
Research Fellow
Geopolitics of sports
Chercheur associé Kader Abderrahim
Research Fellow
The political systems in the Maghreb – The societal evolutions in the Maghreb – Islamism
Chercheur associé Jacques Serba
Associate Research Fellow
Humanitarian action – Organisation and functioning of the NGOs – External action of the territorial authorities
KOURLIANDSKY-Jean-Jacques Jean-Jacques Kourliandsky
Research Fellow
Central and Latin America – External and security policies of the Ibero-American area
Directeur de recherche Olivier Guillard
Associate Research Fellow
Political and strategic environment in Central Asia – India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives – Energetic resources in Asia – Travel risk
Chercheur associé Bastien Nivet
Associate Research Fellow
The European Union and its member states – The European integration – The European security – The CFSP – The foreign and defence policies of Western Europe countries – The transatlantic relations
Chercheur associé Arnaud Dubien
Associate Research Fellow
Directeur de recherche Jean-Vincent Brisset
Senior Research Fellow
China and the Chinese world – Strategic questions in Asia – Defence and international relations – The military tool: means, operations, concepts – The military nuclear weapons – Military aeronautics – NBCR risk and civil protection
DELCOUR Laure OK Laure Delcour
Senior Research Fellow
Russia – The foreign policy of the ISC and the new power relationships in the post Soviet space – The EU’s external action
Chercheur associée Fanny Chabrol
Associate Research Fellow
Sub-Saharan Africa – Health policies – HIV/AIDS – International cooperation
Associate Research Fellow
Geopolitics of Latin America (Non-State actors, Governments and Regional Latin American institutions) - Humanitarian Issues
Chercheur Robert Chaouad
Research Fellow
The history of the European integration – The institutional evolution of the European Union – The European Union as a global actor
Chercheur associé Edouard Pflimlin
Associate Research Fellow
The Japanese defence policy – The strategic stakes in East Asia
LEFEEZ Sophie Sophie Lefeez
Associate Research Fellow
Armament: technologies, choice of equipment, requirements, design, use, support - Strategic issues (supply, cooperation, essence of power) - Strategic positioning of companies - Threat analysis
DE GLINIASTY Jean Jean de Gliniasty
Senior Research Fellow
Russia - CIS - French Diplomacy
Chercheur associé Assen Slim
Associate Research Fellow
The European economic integration and common policies – The post socialist transition in Eastern Europe – Sustainable development and degrowth – The economy of gratuity
Chercheur associé Olivier Kempf
Associate Research Fellow
Cyber Strategy – Euro-Atlantic Security issues – Defence Economics
Chercheur Samuel Carcanague
Research Fellow
Central Asia - Russia - Energy - Security
HACHE Emmanuel Emmanuel Hache
Senior Research Fellow
Natural Resources Economics – Energy issues and Development - Asia and NIC – International Monetary Affairs
BITAR Karim Karim Émile Bitar
Senior Research Fellow
The Middle-East – The relations between islam and the Western world; politics and religion – The Franco-Arab relations and the Euro-Mediterranean stakes – The media in the Arab world, feminism and civil societies
Chercheur associé Samuel Nguembock
Associate Research Fellow
European Union / African Union Relations - African Security and Defence issues - Reinforcement of the capacities in “fragile” and “failed” States
ernoult-nathalie Nathalie Ernoult
Associate Research Fellow
Humanitarianism - Global Health
Senior Advisor Nicholas Dungan
Senior Research Fellow
The transatlantic relation – The European and American actions throughout the world – The policy of the United States – The American diplomacy and defence – The international economy and finance – The non-state actors
Directeur de recherche François-Bernard Huyghe
Senior Research Fellow
Communications and economic intelligence – Cyber strategy - Terrorism
NAVES Marie-Cécile Marie-Cécile Naves
Associate Research Fellow
Unites States of America - Racism, sexism, discrimination - Socio-political issues of sport
MAULNY-Jean-Pierre Jean-Pierre Maulny
Deputy Director
World arms industry - EDTIB - Arms transfers - Export control - CSDP - NATO - Defence and security issues - Strategic affairs
Directeur de recherche Philippe Hugon
Senior Research Fellow
Africa – The international political economy – Geopolitics of Africa – The economy of economic and sustainable development – The relations between the EU and the ACP countries
DE-FRANCE-Olivier Olivier de France
Senior Research Fellow
Strategic affairs – European security – EU member states’ foreign and defence policies – CSDP, CFSP – French defence policy – Crisis management – EU/Sub-Saharan Africa – Transantlantic security – Power and strategy
senequier-anne Anne Sénéquier
Associate Research Fellow
Global Health
Chercheur associé Barthélémy Courmont
Senior Research Fellow
The Political and Security Stakes in North-East Asia - The China's Power Strategy - The American Foreign Policy – The American Policy in Asia Pacific – Nuclear Issues – New Threats
Chercheur associé Nicolas Kazarian
Associate Research Fellow
The geopolitics of the religious factor – Orthodoxy and international relations –The European Union and the Mediterranean World
Chercheur Bastien Alex
Research Fellow
Climate change – Energy issues – EU enlargment policy
Chercheur associé Jean-Philippe Daniel
Associate Research Fellow
Mercenary activities – Armed non-state actors – Private security firms
Directeur de recherche Jean-Claude Allard
Senior Research Fellow
Defence and security policy – Operational concepts and the uses of force – Crisis management – Military aeronautics
Chercheur Thierry Coville
Research Fellow
Iran – Country risk
Chercheur associée Magali Balent
Associate Research Fellow
The European far right – The National Front – Nationalism – The faces of political extremism – Identity – The French political life
BOURGEOT-Rémi Rémi Bourgeot
Associate Research Fellow
Economics, Globalisation, Finance, Europe, Middle-East, Asia, Energy, Industry
KALB Christian Christian Kalb
Associate Research Fellow
Sports Betting Industry - Governance of Sports Organisations - Sports Integrity
201702-Luca-Baccariniok Luca Baccarini
Associate Research Fellow
World Energy Markets – Energy strategy: key actors and roles - European Energy Policy in EU - Finance and geopolitics
Chercheur associé Christophe Ventura
Research Fellow
Latin America – Civil society and Social movements
petibon-antoine Antoine Petibon
Associate Research Fellow
Humanitarian Operations - Humanitarian Evaluation and Innovation - Strategy
Directrice de recherche Sylvie Matelly
Deputy Director
Military spendings and defence budgets – Arms industries and restructuration – Globalisation and economic and strategic relations – European economy, economic policies
LECORRE-Philippe Philippe Le Corre
Associate Research Fellow
China – International Relations of Asia – China/Europe and China/France – China Global investment – Public Diplomacy
Chercheur associé René Cagnat
Associate Research Fellow
Central Asia
Chercheur associé Sébastien Abis
Associate Research Fellow
Strategic issues in the Mediterranean and North Africa – European Neighbourhood Policy - Agriculture and globalization – Food security and geopolitics of food supply – Grain Trade
Chercheur associé Pierre Jacquemot
Associate Research Fellow
The economy and the political sociology of Sub-Saharan Africa – Public development aid – French cooperation
MAUREL Chloé OK Chloé Maurel
Associate Research Fellow
Global Governance - International Institutions (UN and UN Agencies)
Chercheur Serge Michailof
Associate Research Fellow
Development of the so-called “fragile countries” – Post conflict reconstruction
PERRIN Francis Francis Perrin
Senior Research Fellow
Energy issues – Markets and Energy Prices – Geopolitics of Energy - Energy and Governance
Chercheur associé Ali Laïdi
Associate Research Fellow
Economic war – Economic intelligence
Chercheur Carole Gomez
Research Fellow
International Sport Issues - Sport Diplomacy - Sport Integrity
Directeur de recherche Béligh Nabli
Senior Research Fellow
International law - European Union - Mutations in the Arab World
Didier BILLION, Directeur adjoint de l'IRIS Didier Billion
Deputy Director
The Middle-East – Turkey and the Turkish-speaking world – The European policy in these regions – The relations between the EU and Turkey – The European policy in the Middle-East
KENNEDY Eilidh Eilidh Kennedy
Research Fellow
Humanitarianism - Strategic Foresight
Associate Research Fellow
Energy policy and raw materials – Globalization and economic war - Cyber Strategy - Influence – Strategy
Chercheur Karim Pakzad
Research Fellow
Afghanistan - Pakistan - Iran - Iraq – Kurdish issue
BAILLAT Alice Alice Baillat
Research Fellow
Geopolitics of Climate Change - International Climate Negotiations - Bangladesh - South Asia
MAIETTA-Michel Michel Maietta
Senior Research Fellow
Geopolitics, developpement and humanitarianism - Strategic Foresight
Chercheur associé Éric Vernier
Associate Research Fellow
Money laundering – Business frauds – Sustainable development in the banking world
Chercheur associé Pierrick Le Jeune
Associate Research Fellow
Asia, South-East Asia – Afghanistan – The reform of public administrations – Public services – NGOs
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