In the midst of profound global challenges and the re-emergence of geopolitics, sport is increasingly being utilised by governments, policy makers, businesses and others to achieve a multiplicity of goals. This includes using sport to build diplomatic relationships, enhance soft power, ease international tensions, and strengthen strategic position.

A growing symbiotic relationship of sport, global networks and geopolitics is increasingly evident. Qatar’s staging of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, China’s policy of stadium diplomacy in Africa, investments by sovereign wealth funds in sport, and the use of sports sponsorship programmes by national airlines are some of the many examples highlighting the significance of geopolitics and sport.

IRIS and emlyon business school collaborate on publishing timely, value-adding content that provides intelligent, informed analyses of contemporary issues in geopolitics and sport.

This platform will publish short articles, interviews, policy papers, podcasts and webinaire, all linked with sport and geopolitics.
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How Antoine Griezmann is jumping into geopolitics
Interview with Simon Chadwick, Professor & Director of Eurasian Sport at emlyon, led by Carole Gomez, Senior Research fellow at IRIS
Gulf countries controversially line-up on F1’s grid in race towards a post-oil future
By Prof. Simon Chadwick, Professor and Director of Eurasian Sport at EMlyon
Malabar naval drills commence as calls for boycott of 2022 Winter Olympics emerge
By Prof. Simon Chadwick, Professor and Director of Eurasian Sport at EMlyon
Sport, good countries and the importance of soft power
Interview with Simon Anholt, an independent policy advisor, led by Professor Simon Chadwick from emlyon business school and Paul Widdop, from the Manchester Metropolitan University
Do Black Lives Really Matter in the Sport Industry?
By Dr Kwame Agyemang, Associate Professor at The Ohio State University and Mackenzie Rector, doctoral student at The Ohio State University, pursing a Ph.D. in Sport Management.
Premier League and PPTV: Private Finances and UK-China Politics in Football
By Layne Vandenberg, PhD student in the King’s College London and University of Hong Kong Joint PhD Programme
Israel’s Cycling Diplomacy
By Dr Yoav Dubinsky, Instructor of Sports Business in the Lundquist College of Business at the University of Oregon.
Why the geopolitics of sport matters – Conversation with James Dorsey
Interview with James Dorsey, journalist, a senior fellow at the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies at Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University, author of the blog "The Turbulent World of Middle East Soccer", led by Carole Gomez from IRIS and Professor Simon Chadwick from emlyon business school
How esports are embroiled in a geopolitical call of duty
By Professor Simon Chadwick, emlyon business school, France and Dr Paul Widdop, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
New ‘GeoSport’ platform launched by IRIS and emlyon business school
Senior Research Fellow at IRIS
Carole Gomez
Professor & Director of Eurasian Sport at EMlyon
Simon Chadwick
Research Associate at IRIS
Estelle Brun
Associate Professor of Sport at Manchester Metropolitan University
Paul Widdop
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