GENERATE (Renewable Energies Geopolitics and Future Studies on Energy Transition) is a two years research project (2018-2020) on the Geopolitics of Renewable Energy, on behalf of the French National Research Agency, in a consortium with IFP Energies Nouvelles.
The purpose of the project GENERATE is to analyse the geopolitical consequences of a spread of renewable energies worldwide. This project will focus particularly on three major issues, namely (1) the criticality of energy transition materials for energy technologies (electric vehicle, solar panel, wind turbine, etc.). (2) the new geography of patents for the renewable energy technologies and (3) the oil producing countries development model, and their places on the international energy scene.
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Determinants of Solar Photovoltaic Deployment in the Electricity Mix: Do Oil Prices really matter?
by Margaux Escoffier, Emmanuel Hache, Valérie Mignon, Anthony Paris
Copper at the crossroads: assessing the interactions of the low carbon energy transition with a non-ferrous and structurous metal
Critical raw materials and transportation sector electrification: A detailed bottom-up analysis in world transport
The Impact of Future Generation on Cement Demand: an Assessment based on Climate Scenarios
The nexus between climate negotiations and low-carbon innovation: a Geopolitics of Renewable Energy Patents
Développement des EnR : vers une nouvelle géopolitique de l’énergie ? L’IRIS et l’IFPEN lancent le projet GENERATE
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