Sofia Kabbej
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Chercheuse associée à l'IRIS

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Sofia Kabbej

Sofia Kabbej is a researcher at the climate, energy and security program at IRIS. Her current research focus on the security implications of climate change, that she notably explored within the Observatory on defense and climate of the French ministry for Armed Forces (2016-2021). She also studies climate geoengineering, and the socio-political stakes attached to it.

Besides, Sofia Kabbej studies the French approach towards climate security, in relations with political modernity and more precisely questions relating to sovereignty, as part of the Ph.D she is conducting within the School of political science and international relations of the University of Queensland (Australia), under the supervision of Matt McDonald and Roland Bleiker.

She previously worked on international climate negociations and governance, as well as green economy and sustainability for various organizations, such as the NGO CliMates, United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and Danone.

She co-directs the research project Climate Security & Peace Project (CS2P). She was previously the advocacy co-director of the NGO CliMates (2018-2019).

Sofia Kabbej holds a master in international security policy from the European School of Political & Social Sciences (ESPOL – Lille Catholic University), a master in international relations from ESPOL and a bachelor in political science and communication from the University of Montreal.