Grassroots Sport Diplomacy
IRIS is partnering ISCA on this brand new project, co-funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ Programme. Its aim is to explore grassroots sport diplomacy.

ISCA and IRIS are partnered with a cross-sector group from two continents. This two-year project will run until the end of 2019. It aims for mapping grassroots sport diplomacy actions from around the world ; for leading seven pilots' actions, where selected grassroots sport organizations will have the opportunity to test different approaches to diplomacy across sectors and across borders; for proposing recommendations for future work in this field ; for launching an online hub of new knowledge, best practices and networking opportunities for civil society organizations.

IRIS is leading the first intellectual output and drafting recommendations at the end of the project.

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Interview with Toni Llop, Partner Director of Eurofitness, about Grassroots Sport Diplomacy
Interview with Silvija Mitevska, President of TAKT, about Grassroots Sport Diplomacy
Interview with Eduardo Roberto Uhle, Programme Manager at SESC, about Grassroots Sport Diplomacy
Interview with Bence Garamvolgyi from NSULF about Grassroots Sport Diplomacy
Interview with S.B. Tomat, Head of Projects ISCA, about Grassroots Sport Diplomacy
Grassroots Sport Diplomacy online course
Diplomacy is an Opportunity for us in Grassroots Sport. Try the first Grassroots Sport Diplomacy online course
Introduction to Grassroots Sport Diplomacy
« Grassroots Sport Diplomacy » – New Project to explore Sport Diplomacy at the Grassroots Level
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