Rémi Bourgeot
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Rémi Bourgeot

Rémi Bourgeot is an economist and an associate fellow at IRIS. He has led a dual career as an investment strategist in the financial sector and as an economic expert on the Eurozone and emerging markets for various leading think-tanks and consultancies. His work focuses on political economy and global imbalances.

His studies on the Eurozone investigate economic divergence, ECB policy, European politics, Germany’s economic policy, economic history and industrial issues.


In terms of emerging markets, he has mainly worked on Turkey and the Middle East, as well as Asia (China/India), particularly on macro-financial imbalances (trade, financial flows, exchange rates and monetary policy) and energy policy issues (energy balance, pipeline geopolitics).

Rémi is a lecturer on the European economy for IRIS-Sup postgraduate programme.


He holds Master’s degrees from the Higher Institute for Aeronautics and Space (SupAero) and from the Toulouse School of Economics.