Marine Simoën
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Chercheuse associée à l'IRIS

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Marine Simoën

Marine Simoën is an Associate Research Fellow at IRIS. She is specialized on energy issues relating to natural resources supply.


Graduated from Chimie ParisTech and holding an MSc. in Energy and Environment from Paris-Sorbonne University, Marine Simoën has also followed a Specialized MSc. in Energy Economics at IFP School. The latter led her to work 3 years as a Economics Research Engineer in the Economics & Technology Intelligence division of the French Institute of Petroleum and New Energies (IFPEN).


She contributed in particular to the GENERATE research project (Renewable Energies Geopolitics and Future Studies on Energy Transition) on behalf of the French National Research Agency, in a consortium between IFPEN and IRIS. She has a deep expertise on resources geopolitics related to the energy transition as well as its associated economic and technological issues.