Marie-Cécile Naves
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Marie-Cécile Naves

Marie-Cecile Naves holds a PhD in Political science (University of Paris Dauphine) and has also done a post-doctoral research in Communication and Information Systems.


She has been assistant professor and research fellow in Political science, Communication and in Physical activities and sport science since 1999 (Universities of Paris Est-Créteil-Val-de-Marne, Evry, Lille Institute of Political Studies), and is now lecturer at Audencia Business School and at the University of Paris-Nanterre.


Since 2010, she has been project manager and policy analyst at the Commission for Policy Planning (“France Stratégie”) (until 2015), and now at the “Conférence des Présidents d’Université”.


She published various books in French about American conservatives, neoconservatives, Trump, about discrimination, and about sport: “La fin des néoconservateurs? ” (Ellipses, 2009), “Le nouveau visage des droites américaines. Les obsessions morales, raciales et fiscales des Etats-Unis” (FYP, 2015), “Talents gâchés. Le coût social et économique des discriminations liées à l’origine” (L’Aube 2016, in collaboration with V. Martin), “Trump, l’onde de choc populiste” (FYP, 2016), “Le pouvoir du sport” (FYP, 2017, in collaboration with J. Jappert). Elle is currently working on a handbook, “Geopolitics of the USA” (Eyrolles, 2018).


More information about her books, articles and conferences is available on her personal website :