Jean-Jacques Kourliandsky
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Chercheur associé à l'IRIS

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Jean-Jacques Kourliandsky

Jean-Jacques Kourliandsky is an Associate Research Fellow at IRIS, specialised in Iberian issues (Latin America and Spain).

He works as a consultant for public administrations and companies to give them insights on these regions. He also works for the Friedrich Ebert and Jean Jaurès Foundations in Latin America.

Heis a member of the editorial board of “La revue internationale et stratégique”, and an editorialist for “Espaces Latinos” and “Revista Latina”. He publishes regularly in “Universalia”, the “Annales d’Amérique latine et des Caraïbes”, and occasionally in various publications: “Croissance”, “Réussir à l’étranger”, “Le Moci”, “Ramses”…

He is also the author of a study on nationalist demands in the Spanish Basque Country published by the IHESI, a special issue of the journal “Problèmes politiques et sociaux” entitled, “Spain, the second democratic changeover” and a book on Costa Rica published by La Manufacture.

Jean-Jacques Kourliandsky has a degree in Political science and a doctorate in History.