Christophe Ventura
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Directeur de recherche à l'IRIS, responsable du Programme Amérique latine/Caraïbe

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Christophe Ventura

Christophe Ventura is a Senior Reseach Fellow at IRIS. Specialised in Latin America, he has carried out a large number of missions in this region (Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Central America, Venezuela, Uruguay).


As a lecturer at IRIS Sup’ (Latin America, the multipolar world, social movements and civil societies), he is director of studies for IRIS Sup’ first-year students.


He writes and publishes analysis, news and expert reports for ministries and institutions (MEAE, the French armed forces, the French Development Agency, etc.).


As a journalist, he has been following political, economic, social and geopolitical developments in this region since the early 2000s and regularly publishes articles in various newspapers and magazines.


Involved in the international civil society, he has participated in conceiving and organizing the World Social Forums since their foundation in 2001 (Porto Alegre, Brazil). Christophe Ventura has therefore built an expertise of Latin American civil society (social movements, unions, NGOs, parties, academia, etc.) and institutional actors.


Christophe Ventura graduated from the École des hautes études en sciences sociales (EHESS) and has studied “History of neoliberalism in the United States and Latin American independence in the 19th century“.

He is the author of Géopolitique de l’Amérique latine, Editions Eyrolles/IRIS, Paris, 2022 and co-author, with Didier Billion, of Désoccidentalisation. Repenser l’ordre du monde, Agone, 2023.