Japan and South Korea Rapprochement : What Implications for the Indo-Pacific Region ?

The French Institute for International and Strategic Affairs (IRIS) is pleased to invite you to a webconference intitled:

Guest Speakers:

Narushige MICHISHITA, Professor, Executive Vice President, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS), Tokyo

Ramon PACHECO PARDO, Professor of International Relations, Regional Envoy for East and South East Asia, King’s College, London

Marianne PERON-DOISE, Associate Research Fellow, Director of the Indo-Pacific Geopolitical Observatory, IRIS, Paris

Session Chairman:

Barthélémy COURMONT, Associate Professor at the Catholic University, Lille, and Senior Research Fellow, IRIS, Paris
The Kishida-Yoon March 2023 Summit created a political momentum to restore the relations between the two countries and establish a “future oriented” bilateral relation. The Summit also offered a great opportunity for strengthening US-Japan-South Korea relations by paving the way for the trilateral meeting at Camp David in August 2023 between President Biden and the Japanese and south Korean Prime ministers. Nonetheless, Japan and Korea will have to consider numerous challenges when it comes to enhancing relations across various political, economic, and commercial domains, as well as in civil society.
However, at a time when tensions with China are increasing, the priority seems to remain in defence cooperation. North Korea is stepping up its provocations and Russia represents an additional destabilising factor in East Asia. This last point is the most interesting for the Biden administration, as it intends to rally like-minded allies and partners to initiate a trilateral cooperation.The webconference will review these issues and discuss the prospects for developing bilateral relations between Japan and South Korea, as well as strengthening US-Japan-South Korea trilateral strategic cooperation.