Collective defence investment: Europe must do more and at a faster pace

By Jean Belin, Defense and Peace Bordeaux School, University of Bordeaux ; Renaud Bellais, University of Grenoble-Alpes ; Daniel Fiott, Head, Defence and Statecraft Programme, Centre for Security, Diplomacy and Strategy, Brussels School of Governance; Assistant Professor, Vrije Universiteit Brussels, and Non-Resident Fellow, Real Instituto Elcano ; Alessandro Marrone, Head of Defence Programme, IAI ; Sylvie Matelly, Deputy Director, IRIS ; Jean-Pierre Maulny, Deputy Director, IRIS ; Fédérico Santopinto, Senior Research fellow, IRIS ; Gaspard Schnitzler, Research fellow, IRIS ; Trevor Taylor, Professorial Research Fellow, RUSI and Dick Zandee, Member of the Scientific Committee of the ARES Group  - 
8 novembre 2022