Japan, China, and France Relations: Invariants, Deterioration and Renewal

For decades, the Franco-Japanese partnership has been essentially characterized by vibrant cultural exchanges, as well as solid economic relations. Japan is France’s second largest trading partner in Asia (after China) and its leading Asian investor. However, in the framework of the Indo-Pacific, the Paris-Tokyo axis is bound to develop in terms of security, particularly maritime security, with Japan playing a key role. However, the strategies of France and Japan towards the Indo-Pacific can be understood in the context of their evolving relationship with China. France's pivot to the Indo-Pacific and Japan's ever-strengthening presence in the area, and Paris' and Tokyo's efforts to influence and shape norms in the region, thus contributing to the construction of an inclusive rules-based regional order, are strongly influenced by China's growing presence. This raises the question of the state of relations between Paris, Tokyo and Beijing, even though Japan-China and France-China bilateral relations have deteriorated significantly in recent years. Is it possible to rebuild a relationship with China based on mutual trust? This conference aims to take stock of political, economic, and diplomatic relations.

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