ARES – Armament Industry European Research Group
The Armament Industry European Research Group (Ares Group) was created in 2016 by The French Institute for International and Strategic Affairs (IRIS), who coordinates the Group. The aim of the Ares Group, a high-level network of security and defence specialists across Europe, is to provide a forum to the European armament community, bringing together top defence industrial policy specialists, to encourage fresh strategic thinking in the field, develop innovative policy proposals and conduct studies for public and private actors.

Group members
The club brings together experienced armament policy and defence industrial policy experts, working accross European universities and think tanks.

• Publications:
- Comments: short-format opinion pieces
- Policy Papers: medium format notes
- Reports: long format studies
These publications are freely available on the Group’s website. Policy Papers and Reports are written jointly by two or more experts to provide a cross-eyes approach to one subject.
• Two annual seminars take place in Brussels and Paris supported by the material produced by the Group.
A ‘Game Changer’? The EU’S Preparatory Action on Defence Research
By Daniel Fiott, Researcher, Institute for European Studies, Free University of Brussels ; Renaud Bellais, Associate Researcher in Economics, ENSTA Bretagne, France
Armament Industry Research Group: Presentation
By the Ares Group’s Board (Jean-Pierre Maulny, Deputy Director, IRIS, Paris ; Carole Ferrand, General Directorate for Armament, Ministry of Defence, Paris ; Hilmar Linnenkamp, Advisor, SWP, Berlin ; Antonio Missiroli, Director, EUISS, Paris ; Nick Witney, Senior Policy Fellow, ECFR, London).
Jean-Pierre Maulny, Olivier de France, Sylvie Matelly, Édouard Simon

+33 (0)1 53 27 60 60
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