Observatory on the European Foreign Policy: Enlargement, Eastern Neighbourhood and Russia
In 2009, IRIS was awarded a five-year contract by the European Parliament (EXPO/B/AFET/FWC/2009-01/Lot1/01) and has since then written notes and conducted studies on the European foreign policy (its enlargement, its Eastern neighbours and its relations with Russia). IRIS leads a consortium of 13 think tanks and universities from the European Union, from candidate countries and from countries included into the European Neighbourhood Policy, the works of which aim to provide the European Parliament with an expertise on foreign policy issues, more especially on the questions regarding the enlargement of the European Union and the relations it maintains with its Eastern neighbours and Russia.
Eastern partnership prospects on energy efficiency and renewable energy
by Gulchohra Aliyeva, Alexander Gusev, Reinis Aboltins, Andriy Chubyk, Michael Krug
Turkey-Armenia relations
by Cengiz Aktar, Hrant Dink Foundation (Turkey), and Richard Giragosian, Regional Studies Center (Armenia)
Approximation of the national legislation of Eastern Partnership countries with EU legislation in the economic field
EU energy roadmap 2050: EU external policies for future energy security
by Alan Riley, Professor at the City Law School, City University (UK), Bastien Alex, Research Fellow at IRIS (France) and Danièle Rauscher, Research Assistant at IRIS
The situation in Ukraine ahead of the 2012 parliamentary elections and the preparation of these elections
EU-Eastern European Partners Cooperation in Energy Security : Achievements, Barriers and Prospects
Improving the EU’s Aid to its Neighbours : Lessons Learned from the ENPI, Recommendations for the ENI
Improving the EU’s support for the civil society in its neighbourhood: rethinking procedures, ensuring that practices evolve
by Julien Bousac, Laure Delcour, Vera Rihackova, Iryna Solonenko, Gevorg Ter-Gabrielyan
Sociological Study on the composition of the Belarusian Society
by Anaïs Marin, Researcher, the EU's Eastern neighbourhood and Russia research progralle, Finnish Institute of International Affairs
Impact of Targeted Sanctions on Belarus
by Dr. Julia Korosteleva, Lecturer in Business Economics, Affiliate Tutor, Scholl of Slovanic and East European Studies, University College London
The EU and its Eastern Partners: Energy needs and Future Prospects
by Edward Christie Hunter, Dr. Samuel Lussac, Dr. Kataryna Wolczuk
Senior Research Fellow
Laure Delcour