Humanitarian Affairs Think Tank
 Humanitarian Affairs Think Tank
Under the direction of Michel Maietta, Senior Research Fellow at IRIS. This space of reflection aims to be an open forum for dialogue and research on humanitarian space’s evolution and the role of its stakeholders.

The humanitarian sector is going through an identity crisis; discussions about its west centric orientation, interventionist nature and more recently the resilience agenda have stirred new thinking but not revolutionary change. This is perhaps because serious consideration of these issues could radically challenge the established models, question our set of values and redefine the balance of power between the humanitarian actors.

This observatory aims to facilitate discussions which will bring together the perspective of actors in the humanitarian field and contribute to the thinking around a new generation of humanitarian organisations.

In addition to the published reports, the Humanitarian and Development programme invites you to attend our “Stand Up of Humanitarian sector”events. These consist of a 15 min presentation from a main speaker, who is then challenged by several contradictors for a further 15 minutes. Following this rebuttal questions are opened to the floor for an hour.

The Stand Ups represent both you and us, they create a new paradigm that is off the beaten track. They also bring a new way of interacting with each other, giving more place for debate, in order to give chance to new ideas in common thinking. As we think that leading new ideas are necessarily the product of a collective work.

By Michel Maietta, Senior Research Fellow at IRIS
« The Power of Love » and Why Capacity Building Initiatives May Fail: Lessons from Kenya
By Mary Tangelder/ Project Director for the International Rescue Committee-Univer- sity of Nairobi partnership ; Eilidh Kennedy/ Regional Humanitarian Analyst for Save the Children; Rose Nyambura Kagachu et Belindah Jeruto Kibias/ current student in the Masters in Education in Emergencies degree at the University of Nairobi
Has humanitarianism had its day?
By Bertrand Brequeville, Desk officer at Médecins du monde
Rethinking western humanitarian ideology: let’s rise to the challenge together
By Stephanie Rivoal, President of Action against Hunger, France
Is corporatism disappearing?
What impact do institutional donor requirements have on NGOs ?
By Elvira Rodriguez Escudeiro, Head of Institutional Donors Relations, Action contre la Faim (ACF)
Flaws in humanitarian protection: the case of displaced people
By Mérick Freedy Alagbe, Assistant Country Director - RDC, Oxfam
Key lessons to learn for typhoon haiyan response
By Meal Humanitarian Technical Working Group, Save the Children
The discourse of western humanitarianism
By Juliano E.M. FIORI, Humanitarian Affairs Adviser, Save the Children UK
NGO activities must form part of a social transformation logic
By bertrand brequeville, Desk Officer, Médecins du Monde
How important is the motivation of actors in maintaining humanitarian space?
By Eilidh Kennedy, Regional Humanitarian Analyst, Save the Children International
Senior Research Fellow
Michel Maietta

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