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The “Global Health” think tank aims to make the public more than mere onlookers of the issues that shape the future of global health. Health is all but too often reduced to political and economic matters, which rarely include context specificities or reflect the links between the determinants of health. Today this field requires a new, comprehensive and coherent vision. Under the leadership of Nathalie Ernoult and Dr. Anne Senequier the “Global Health” think tank’s ambition is to create an open and lively space for reflection where the powers that influence standards and regulatory frameworks in global health, are examined and analysed by our network of experts.
Through our publications, lectures and debates, we as health practitioners, humanitarian workers, institutional actors, researchers and members of civil society, invite you to reflect in a new and different manner on national and international health issues. In terms of funding, global governance, access to health care, innovations, public policies, rules and regulations, and the care system, our aim is to feed the public debate and reshape the models that guide the work of health actors worldwide.

Successfull Transitions and how to measure Collaborative Action in Global Health
Bruno Rivalan, Director (France), Global Health Action, Global Health Advocates
Health for all. The Cornerstone of our Societies: a Threatened Promise?
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