Olivier Da Lage
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Olivier Da Lage

Olivier Da Lage is an Associate Research Fellow at IRIS, specialising in India and the Arabian Peninsula.


After graduating from the Institut politique de Paris and the Centre de formation des journalistes, Olivier Da Lage began his professional career as a correspondent in the Gulf, based in Bahrain. He then returned to France to join Radio France internationale (RFI) where he spent most of his career as a journalist. In recent years, he held the position of weekend editor-in-chief at RFI.


Olivier Da Lage has published numerous articles in magazines (La Revue internationale et stratégique, les Cahiers de l’Orient, Maghreb-Machrek, Études, Hermès, etc.) and has been a regular speaker at university conferences. He has also published some twenty books, mainly essays on the Arab-Persian Gulf and India, as well as several fictional geopolitical novels set in the USSR, the Middle East and India.