Hugo Decis
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Spécialiste des questions navales

Hugo Decis

Hugo Decis was a researcher at IRIS in 2019. A specialist in naval issues, he studies the European states’ defence policies as well as global maritime matters, especially in the Mediterranean and Indopacific regions. He previously wrote a thesis untitled “aircraft-carriers as tools of power and influence” and currently works with the “Security and Defence Industry” programme.


He holds a master’s degree in Defence, Security and Crisis management from IRIS Sup’ and frequently cooperates with the Grand Continent and the Army Centre for Force Employment Doctrine, respectively as a writer and as a research fellow.


In 2017, Hugo Decis worked with the Inter-Agency Research and Analysis Network as a Junior Analyst in charge of West and Central Africa. He also contributed to missions linked to the French Embassy in Morocco and its Defence Bureau in 2018.