Guillaume Pitron
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Guillaume Pitron

Guillaume Pitron is an Associate Research Fellow at IRIS, specialised on raw materials and digital pollution.

As a journalist, film director and essayist, his first book, « The Rare Metals War: The Dark Side Of the Energy Transition and Digitalization » (LLL Editions.). In September 2021, he published “ Digital Hell: on the trail of a Like” (LLL Editions)

From Chinese rare earths to Alaskan oil to Sudanese gum arabic, he focuses on raw materials and the economic, political and environmental issues related to their exploitation. This thematic thread is coupled with a geographical consistency: the African continent, and in particular South Africa, where he was a press correspondent.

To date, Guillaume is the author of a hundred reports, investigations and documentaries, produced in some forty countries.

Guillaume Pitron has won several prizes, including the Erik Izraelewicz prize for economic investigation, the BFM Business-Montpensier grand prize for economics books and the Lagardère Foundation’s talent grant.

He holds a post-graduate law degree from the Paris universities, and a Masters in international law from the University of Georgetown (Washington, D.C).