Frédéric Jeannin
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Frédéric Jeannin

Frédéric Jeannin is a Research Fellow for the IRIS’s Climate, Energy and Security program. His work focuses on commodity flows and the reconfiguration of American and Chinese foreign policy in the face of the transformation of global energy markets. He is also interested in the geopolitical dynamics of the post-Soviet space and the place of the United States in the international order.

Frédéric Jeannin holds a master’s degree in geopolitics and foresight studies from IRIS Sup, a master’s degree in international project management from Lancaster University and a bachelor’s degree in international management in double degree with Moscow’s Plekhanov Institute of Economics.

Frédéric Jeannin is a graduate of IRIS Sup’ as a Strategic Analyst in Geopolitics and Foresight, and holds a Master’s degree in Project Management from Lancaster University and a Bachelor’s degree in International Management from the Plekhanov Institute of Economics in Moscow.