Fabien Carlet
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Fabien Carlet

Fabien Carlet is a research fellow at the French Institute of International and Strategic Relations, specialized in Defence and Security issues as well as the Arctic region. He takes a close look on Defence and Foreign Policies, on strategic and operational issues on external operations, notably NATO, EU and its Member States. He previously worked on state fragility concept in light of situation in Africa and the Middle-East.


He has contributed to several publications on geopolitical, economic and security issues in the Arctic, in particular on the Svalbard issue, with the Center of Aerospatial Strategic Studies of the French Air Force and the Silvio Zavatti Polar Institute.


Fabien CARLET previously worked for the French Ministry of Defence as a research fellow and as a communication and business Advisor in the private sector before joining the French Institute of International and Strategic Affairs in August 2018. He is graduated in History from Toulouse University and holds two Master degrees in International Relations and Public Affairs from Sorbonne University (Paris).