David Weinberger
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Chercheur associé à l'IRIS

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David Weinberger

David Weinberger is an Associate Research Fellow at IRIS. He is specialized on illicit drugs trafficking and its geopolitics, money laundering and the funding of terrorism and tobacco smuggling.

He is a sociologist and Research fellow at the French National Institute of higher Studies on Security and Justice (INHESJ). He is a member of the Scientific Committee of the French Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (OFDT) and the editorial Board of Drug International Challenges.

His latest works are focusing on “The funding of terrorist group through drug trafficking” (CSFRS, 2020), “The socio-economics analysis of collectors of cannabis money laundering” (UE-DCPJ 2020), “The identification and management of Foreign Terrorist Fighters in airports” (OSCE, 2018) , “Opioids trafficking through the Northern route” (UNODC, 2018), “The effects on cannabis regulation changes in Colorado, Uruguay and Washington State” (CSFRS, 2017), “Drug money in France»: turn overs and profits” (MILDECA, 2016), “Drug trafficking in Venezuela” (MILDT,2014), “Illicit drug trafficking using small airfields” (MILDT,2012), “Tobacco smuggling” (MILDT, 2013), “Cannabis cultivation in Europe” (MILDT, 2010), “Cannabis market in Europe” (MILDT, 2010) and “Money Laundering of cannabis profit in France” (MILDT, 2009). He has also worked on “The management of H1N1 epidemy” (InVS, 2010).

He is participating on different working groups such as “Economy of Violence” (IPED-CNAM, 2020), Cocaine trafficking through French Guyana (MILDECA, 2019) or Identity checks and Police/population relations (Défenseur des Droits, 2015).