EPOSM – Evidence-based Prevention Of Sporting-related Match-fixing
EPOSM project is a Erasmus+ collaborative partnership between academic and on-the-field organisations which studies sporting-related match-fixing in different sport disciplines on a European level and organizes tailor-made training sessions.

Its objectives are: (1) raise awareness about the prevalence of sporting-related (i.e. non-betting related) match-fixing, (2) stimulate moral judgment regarding sporting-related match-fixing, and (3) share and transfer this knowledge.

These two years project (2020-2021) is co-funded by the European Commission and coordinated by the Ghent University in partnership with IRIS and 9 other European partners.

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  • Ghent University (coordinator)
  • IRIS
  • Utrecht University
  • Play Fair Code
  • Croatian Olympic Committee
  • Lausanne University
  • Loughborough University
  • Panathlon International
  • International Centre Ethics in Sport
  • Counter Sport Corruption Foundation for Sport Integrity
  • Council of Europe
[EPOSM] Plus de 5000 questionnaires complétés
[EPOSM] More than 5000 completed questionnaires
Lancement en France des recherches dans le cadre du projet EPOSM
EPOSM project tackles non-betting-related match-fixing
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