Humanitarian and Development

The Humanitarian and Development Programme at IRIS was developed to help those in the welfare sector deal with the increasingly complex humanitarian environment and the new challenges facing international aid and cooperation. The Programme’s research activities are focused on strategic planning, geopolitics, international relations and organisational leadership. Its work analyses critical changes in the humanitarian system, their major driving forces and leveraging these changes strategically.

Citizen Mobilization for Humanitarian Causes: Rethink the Volunteer’s Position in NGOs’ Framework
By Dorian Dreuil, Executive Board of Action Against Hunger
North-Eastern Kenya: A Prospective Analysis
Bangladesh: Country Scenarios. A five year outlook (2016-2020)
Participatory Humanitarian Action… Illusion or Promise Land?
Summary report of the 6th Humanitarian Stand UP held on Thursday, October 27th 2015, with Nathanaël Molle, cofounder of the SINGA association, Michel Maietta, Director of the Strategic Analysis department of Action Against Hunger, Antoine Peigney, Director of Operations and International Relations of the French Red Cros, Sylvie Mattely, Head of Research at IRIS and lecturer and researcher at Léonard de Vinci management school.
Climate Change and Humanitarian Crises: Understanding and Action
Synthesis of the International Conference organized by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development, in partnership with the French Institute for International and Strategic Affairs (IRIS), Action Against Hunger (ACF) and Care France, the 9th of September 2015, in Paris.
Summary of Somalia Perspective Analysis. A five year outlook
24-Month Yemen Scenario Analysis: No Easy Solutions
2015-16 El Nino Event
Perceptions of Success and Failure in Humanitarian Action
By Fernando Espada, Humanitarian Affairs Adviser, Save the Children
The critical role of Humanitarian critique
By Bertrand Taithe, Executive Director – Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute, Juliano Fiori, Senior Humanitarian Affairs Adviser and Michaël Neuman, Director of Studies at MSF-Crash.
For democratic revival in Humanitarian Organizations
By Bertrand Brequeville, Desk officer at Médecins du monde
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Michel Maietta

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Humanitarian Affairs Think Tank
The Humanitarian Affairs Think Tank aims to be a forum for dialogue and research on the evolution of the humanitarian space and the role of its stakeholders.
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