Humanitarian and Development
Evolution of the Donorship Landscape & Ermergence of New Aid Actors in Asia: Key Trends Analysis to 2020
By the Inter-Agency Regional Analysts Network
Health is neither a Business nor an Algorithm!
by Frédéric Bizard, Economist

Is a Life without Aids possible?
By Dr Michel Bourrelly; IHU Marseille la Timone, President of "Paris sans Sida"
Remodelling Humanitarian Action: why and how?
by Bernard Hours, Social Anthropologist, CESSMA
Health will not turn green
Between the Hammer and the Anvil: Health Issues and Electoral Behaviours in the United States
by Roger Persichino, Author of “The Presidential Elections in the United States” (Gallimard 2008)
How will the international counterterrorism architecture evolve in the next 5 years and in what way does it affect humanitarian action?
Humanitarian Assistance In The Information Economy : The Role of Information Management
By Sandra SUDHOFF, Technical Director and IM Manager and Timo LÜGE, Senior Communications and Advocacy Expert, CartONG
Humanitarian Assistance in the Information Economy: The Role of Information Management
By Sandra Sudhoff, Technical Director and IM Manager, and Timo Lüge, Senior Communications and Advocacy Expert, CartONG.
Improving humanitarian information management is at the heart of next week’s conference “GeONG 2016 -Impact of humanitarian IM: Lessons from the past, shaping the future”. The conference takes place in Chambery from 17th to 19th of October. Find out more...
Camps in Humanitarian crises: Behind the Scenes
by Mérick Freedy Alagbe
Successfull Transitions and how to measure Collaborative Action in Global Health
Bruno Rivalan, Director (France), Global Health Action, Global Health Advocates