Geostrategic Observatory on Sport
 Program " Preventing the criminal risks linked to the sports betting market "
While at national and international level the main authorities are currently taking their responsibilities with regards to the fight against match fixing and the protection of sports, the project intends to defend the integrity of the betting market in itself, from the threats of fraud, money laundering, corruption, conflicts of interests and criminal infiltration.
This project proposes to first of all conduct a pioneer risk-assessment analysis of the betting market, the results of which will be published under the form of a report on the criminal risks linked to betting (phase 1), containing concrete and policy-oriented recommendations. 12 national seminars will then be organised to inform and assist EU national authorities in keeping their betting activity clean and innocuous to society and sport (phase 2).

This programme will provide unique knowledge on the reality of betting criminal risks and tailored guidance at the service of national authorities. It will build upon the former IRIS project “What national networks in the EU to fight against match-fixing?”.
National good practices, compositions of national stakeholders networks and all scientific findings relative to the programme will be disseminated in the view to promote exchange of information and cooperation at European level. Moreover, the networks and information drawn from the project will ultimately serve as important tools for the EU institutions in further cooperation and harmonization efforts between the member states.
  • Danish Gambling Authority (Spillemyndigheden)
  • University of Liverpool
  • CK Consulting
  • University of Hamburg
  • Academicon
  • Clairance Avocats
Preventing criminal risks linked to the sports betting market (update on the Precrimbet programme)
Interview with Pim Verschuuren, Research Fellow at IRIS, Coordinator of the PreCimBet Programme
#PreCrimBet: IRIS and Partners start a new EU Program
Project Coordinator (IRIS)
Pim Verschuuren

+33 (0)1 53 27 60 60
Seminar list
  •  France Wednesday 16 November 2016
  •  Greece Thursday 15 December 2016
  •  UK Tuesday 24 January 2017
  •  Denmark Wednesday 02 March 2016
  •  Portugal Wednesday 20 April 2016